#224 Mike’s – Imperial Porter

Name: Imperial Porter
Brewery: Mike’s Organic Brewery (Taranaki, NZ)
Style: Imperial Porter
ABV: 8.5%
Source: Mike’s Brewery

While I am definitely over it now, on Monday when I drank this beer the relentless Auckland rain felt quite novel.

Sure I got drenched to the bone on the swim home from work, having none of the necessary apparatus for staying dry (some kids actually pointed and laughed at me from the comfort of their mum’s SUV), and yes, my plans of an outdoor barbecue were quite literally washed away. But there was at least one thing to be pleased about: an excuse to drink strong, dark beer.

OK, so we all know that we can drink any kind of beer we like in any kind of weather, but there is something undeniably lovely about drinking dark beer on a cold night, preferably with the rain pounding the windows and a fire crackling beside the armchair. (In all honesty my flat has neither a fire nor an armchair, but I do have an iPhone app that makes the sound).)

This was not the biggest, bolshiest Imperial Porter I’ve ever tried, but I thought it was pretty nice nonetheless. It smelled delicious, like a cake I wanted to sink my teeth in, with predominant flavours of vanilla, licorice, and a little toasty wood coming through.

In the mouth it wasn’t quite as sweet or full as I’d been anticipating (it wasn’t a cake, basically), but it had a lovely velvety smooth mouthfeel and a nice lightly bitter finish. For an Imperial Porter it was a little on the watery side, but then that made it all the more drinkable. (And we all know that in cold weather, it’s much more fun to drink a whole 500ml bottle of dark beer than it is to have just one glass.)

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