#221 Mike’s – I.P.A

Mike's IPAName: I.P.A
Brewery: Mike’s Organic Brewery (Taranaki, NZ)
Style: IPA
ABV: ?
Source: Mike’s Brewery

On Friday I took the day off work and went with Finn and his family down to WOMAD in New Plymouth.

We travelled in a campervan which, in case you’ve never done it, is basically the best form of transport ever (with the possible exception of that fancy train on the Darjeeling limited).

We sat on the bed in the back while Finn’s parents drove, eating treats, playing car games and thinking about how all the people at work were suckers. Then I fell asleep.

And when I woke up I was at Mike’s Brewery!

I hadn’t asked to got there, or even remembered that it was on the way, so it was an awesome surprise. Especially because Mike’s turned out to be the prettiest brewery I’ve ever been to, with a lovely lawn, outdoor seating, and lots of beers to try at the cellar door.

Naturally I had a tasting tray (my favourite’s from that were the Taranaki Pale Ale and the Whiskey porter), and I bought a bottle of this I.P.A to drink at WOMAD.

It was great I thought. Like freshly squeezed American hop juice (which, in actual fact would be gross but you get the idea), bursting with grapefruit and pine resin, and with a sturdy malt backing which mellowed it out. I’ve decided I really like Mike’s beer full stop, and I wish it was a bit easier to find up in Auckland.

More Mike’s and beers from campervans to come. Stick around!

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