#215 Lion Nathan – Steinlager Classic

Steinlager Classic Name: Steinlager Classic
Brewery: Lion Breweries (Lion Nathan Co.)
Style: Lager
ABV: 5%
Source: Finn

The best thing about this beer – hell, the only good thing about this beer – was that I drank it out of the fancy pilsner glass that I had bought at the beginning of the blog and forgot about.

The other good thing I suppose, is that I’ve got it out of the way now and I don’t have to drink it again.

I’ve just realise that I don’t think I’ve ever bought a Steinlager in my life, which probably means that I’m not even a real New Zealander, or something. This one came from Finn (who has proudly disproved my theory that once people start drinking craft beer they stop buying commercial lager), and any others that I’ve tried have been given to me free at events.

That’s not really very interesting, is it? But I need filler for the post because I have no idea what to say about the beer. It tastes like every other damn lager in a green bottle I’ve ever tried. Hay. Grass. Grain. Sugar. You’ve heard it all before and you’ll hear it again if I get round to reviewing Stella Artois.

In other news (read: filler) I booked some flights to Melbourne and a ticket to the Sunday session of GABS (Great Australasian Beer Spectapular) in May. Look at all the great beers that will be there! I can’t wait. I’m actually a bit low on beer-geek buddies over the ditch though, so if you’re going to be there and you’re a nice beer person rather than an internet stalker, feel free to holla!

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  1. Re your link, dam harringtons stole my kiwifruit Wheat beer, oh well I hope they do a better job of it than I did

    • Kiwifruit wheat beer is a fairly scary concept, but yours was pretty good I thought! I’ll let you know how it matches up.

  2. Its probibly a bit more bitter than most the other damn lagers.

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