#208 Lion Nathan – Speights Old Dark

Speights Old Dark Name: Old Dark
Brewery: Lion Nathan
Style: Porter
ABV: 4%
Source: Mangawhai Tavern

She’s a hard road finding the perfect beer, boy, especially when you’re at a Lion pub in Mangawhai.

Actually, the Mangawhai Tavern is a pretty respectable music venue (I was there to see a band, not for the beer), and I don’t want to knock it. Nor, for some strange reason which must be linked to my 41/2 years spent living in Dunedin, do I want to particularly want to knock Speights.

But I’ll just have to get over that.

The restaurant that I worked at during my university years had Mac’s Gold, Speight’s, and Speight’s Old Dark on tap. I always liked the SOD best, and thought that, because it was dark and had some discernable flavour, drinking it made me quite sophisticated.

In recent years I have realised that nothing drunk from a dimpled handle makes anyone sophisticated, and lots and lots of dark malt does not necessarily make a good beer. That said, I’d still choose it over a regular Speight’s or the incredibly boring Mac’s Gold, and on Saturday night I did.

Sorry about the shitty photo. To be honest I was embarrassed about taking a photo of my beer (I was trying not to look too Auckland) and so did it in a particuarly dark corner. FYI – the beer was dark brown.

The flavour was pretty much all malt –  sweet caramel with a little burnt roasty notes toward the finish. The mouthfeel was light and watery, and although it went down easy, left me feeling like I needed to drink a ‘real beer’ at the end of it.

I guess this means I will never be the Southern Man’s perfect woman.

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  1. Whoarrr! leave off hating on the dimpled pint. I genuinely believe many English style taste better out them.

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