#204 Cave Creek – Chili Beer

Name: Chili Beer
Brewery: Cave Creek (Tecate, Mexico)
Style: Herbed/Spiced beer
ABV: 4.7%
Source: Mexico (Britomart, Auckland)

The Cave Creek Chili beer has an incredible Ratebeer score of just 1 out of 100 for style, and 0 out of 100 overall. I don’t know how that’s even possible, but it suggests that this is probably the worst beer in the world.

Which is why I feel slightly embarrassed about admitting that I…. actually really enjoyed it.

OK OK. So the beer itself is crap. Probably. The thing is that you can’t really tell because it tastes entirely of the whole pickled chili that’s sitting in the bottle (and also in this case, the lime that it came with). Was it a sin to enjoy it? Probably! But I love pickled chilli and I love lime, and that’s exactly what this tasted like. I also love the slightly confusing sensation of drinking something cold and refreshing, and being left with a chilli burn in the mouth.

You can tell that without the pepper it would be pretty nasty – pale and watery like most other Mexican beer, but possibly worse since they can disguise any funky flavours with the chilli. It doesn’t really matter though, does it? The point is that they’re the only brewery (as far as I know) to put a chili in the bottle, and dammit if it wasn’t a good idea.

Now, to steer the conversation away from that embarrassing confession, I should mention that the new restaurant where I drank it – Mexico on Britomart Place – is well worth checking out. It has an awesome atmosphere, delicious soft tacos and best of all: I can actually afford it. Beer-wise the menu is a mixed bag. They have six or seven Mexican beers, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for a whopping $16 a bottle, and my beloved Michelada – only it’s terrible and seems to be made with a syrup instead of real tomato juice.

Does anyone else have any embarrassing beer confessions? i.e – is there a beer that is generally regarded as undrinkable, yet you’ve got a secret stash under your bed? Make me feel better and ‘fess up…

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  1. Sounds like you need to get down to The Mussel Inn and try their beer with a chilli in it. Tongue-zapping-tastic!

    • Oh that’s right! I totally forgot that they did one too. I really must do a road trip…

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