#203 Maui – CoCoNut PorTeR

Name: CoCoNut PorTeR
Brewery: Maui Brewing (Hawaii, USA)
Style: Porter
ABV: 5.7%
Source: The Beer Store

Yes, yes, yes! So many great things going on with this beer!

Firstly, the can.

I know I’ve talked about this before, but we’re at the beginning of a can revolution, man, and there’s no bottling it up (zing!). The benefits are numerous (better for the beer, better for the planet, and better for drinking ‘on the go’) and heaps of breweries seem to be getting on board.

What’s more, the stuff inside this particular can was reeeally tasty.

When I first smelled it I didn’t get the coconut – just a toasty, chocolate malty stuff that was delicious in its own right. Then in the mouth there was more of that – maybe some vanilla too – and the teensiest hint of coconut at the finish.

But then the coconut just kept coming until BAM! At the end of it I felt like I was lying on a beach, slathered in coconut Hawaiian Tropic and eating a Bounty Bar. I was coco-nutting out.

I loved how it had a rich, smooth mouthfeel but with enough carbonation and toasty bitterness at the finish to keep it refreshing. Everything about it was fun (including the cRaZy tEeNagEr font), but the beer itself was serious. Seriously yum that is.

Finally with one day to go, I’ve found my official summer beer!

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  1. This post is so bad that it has gone full circle and is awesome.

    Great beer, I agree.

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