#197 Independent Liquor – Kingfisher

Kingfisher BeerName: Kingfisher Lager
Brewery: United Breweries Groub (Bangalore, India)
Style: Pale Lager
ABV: 4.8%
Source: Satya restaurant

Last night I went out to eat the second best Indian in New Zealand, Satya (ohhh, but where is the best one? Not telling!), and washed my Masala Dosa and Bhel Puri down with a Kingfisher.

And you know what? It wasn’t that bad. Kingfisher is a boring macro lager and all that, but for some reason I don’t despise it. I think there are three reasons for this:

1) I only ever drink it with really spicy Indian food, so whatever cold thing is relieving me from the burning hellfires of beef vindaloo is always going to seem amazing.

2) I drank it every day for 9 weeks in India. I wasn’t too happy about that at the time – it tasted even worse over there than it does here and I got b l o o d y sick of it, but now I look back with nostalgia at those nights spent playing Gin Rummy and sipping on dusty bottles of Kingfisher Strong.

3) As a teenager we’d go to Little India often, and I remember the Kingfisher ads on the table had the tagline “Most Thrilling Chilled!” which amused me. A lot.

All that aside, it’s a decidedly average beer. A bit too sweet, light in the mouth, fizzy, with a taste of hay and a wee bit of bitterness at the end. It does the trick (if the ‘trick’ is relieving you from burning curry), but sadly it will never be thrilling, even chilled.

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  1. I was at Satya last night but decided against the Kingfisher and went for the wine instead. Are you sure that it is the Indian brewed Kingfisher that they sell? I’m quite sure it is the Boundary Road, locally brewed version at Satya (and most other places in NZ).

    • Yeah this was the locally brewed one I think so I should change the brewery name to reflect that… I must admit that Kingfisher is one case where I prefer the locally brewed version to the original. Maybe because of the water.

  2. Apparently the stuff in India tastes so rubbish because they put glycerine in it to deal with the huge changes in temperature that it undergoes in the Indian climate…this is unconfirmed but came from a relative who just spent 4 weeks there and was shown how to remove it from locally brewed kingfisher

    • Interesting! It does have quite a distinctive, odd flavour so that sounds about right…

  3. Try a MONSOON at Little India…after one you’ll probably want another so watch out.Abv by style varies from 5%-6.5% but you’ll see why it works with Indian cuisine which is why it was created in the first place!

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