#189 BrewDog – Trashy Blonde

Brewdog Trashy BlondeName: Trashy Blonde
Brewery: Brewdog (Aberdeen, Scotland)
Style: Blond Ale
Source: The Beer Store

On Monday I came home from work to find the best thing ever waiting for me.

Was it a kitten? A surprise tax refund? My boyfriend with a candlelit dinner of Mac ‘n Cheese? No (although all of those things WOULD have been awesome) – it was a box of fancy beers from The Beer Store.

Dad saw me hit rock bottom a few posts back with that can of Gordon Finest Gold, and came to my rescue by ordering me 12 awesome beers online. They came with a card that said “The West is to share”, which I guess means Westvleteren only he forgot how to spell it.

Anyway, the Trashy Blonde was obviously a bit of a joke about me being trashy  blonde, but it turned out to be really nice as well as a bit funny.

It reminded me a little of a New Zealand Pale Ale – lots of tootie-fruity hops on the nose (you know the ones – passionfruit n citrus n flowers n that), a light malty sweetness in the mouth and a dry, bitter finish. It was fun and went down easy – which suits the name I s’pose…

What I really liked about this one is that it packed lots of punch while still only being 4.1%, meaning I could drink lots of it without actually getting all trashy. Always a bonus.

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  1. I have heard that the westy is best after 3 years, and they date their bottles for 3 years. Kind of annoyed I got mine so fresh, bottled the year I bought it 2011.. So best on the best before date.

  2. Brilliant use of puns.

    If I have any friends visit me before your journey is through, I’ll send a few from the Pacific NW over. There are some brilliant beers from here that you just can’t seem to get in NZ.

    • Awesome. Rustle up some NZ friends to visit before July!!

      • I’ll definitely try. My Dad leaves tomorrow, but I’m stone broke and out of beer (payday is the day after).

  3. Everyone’s mileage will vary on cellaring beer. A friend bought a case of Westy 12 from the abbey brewery in 2007 – we had some that year, it was fab. He bought a bottle from the same case last year back on a visit to NZ – it was also fab, but I think I preferred it younger. But then I have also heard that beer can age in ‘waves’, so perhaps the beer was just in a trough.
    I expect the Westy from the Beer Store is greymarket, so no guarantees on how it has been kept. I would drink it sooner, as it is fab.

    • Well I don’t know… But I’m drinking mine tomorrow!

      • A good plan.

  4. BrewDog Beers are fantastic. My favourite is the 2011 recipe of the Punk IPA. Makes me drool just thinking about it =)
    Tis a shame Scotland is so far away!

  5. Mileage definitly does vary. My bottle of Westy 12 (love the abreviation) was outstanding, and was like yours a gift.

  6. I think your Dad meant the rest are to share

  7. The two bottles of Westy that my friend muled back from Belgium were decidedly average… I’ll just consider them all fakes until I go to the brewery to pick up a case myself.

    In saying this, I’ve not yet met a quadruple otherthan Rochy 10 that I’ve really liked.

  8. ps. guffaw!

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