#173 Wanaka Beerworks – Mìere

Name: Mìere
Brewery: Wanaka Beerweorks
Style: Golden Honey Dubbel
ABV: 6.5%
Source: Regional Wines


OK, first of all let me just apologise for being about two weeks late with this post. I’m not quite sure what happened – I just got behind and then somehow this one got forgotten. (Thank you to the very astute readers who pointed it out.)

Anyway, it shouldn’t have been forgotten because it was actually really lovely.

I liked the Mìere the best by far out of all the beers I’ve tried in this range, for reasons which I will now struggle to recall.

I remember it looked warm and glowy – all orangey golden, and hazy like my memory.

It tasted like  sunshine in a bottle – flowery (I think it said something about that on the bottle but whatever, it was true), with a little gentle citrus bite, a hint of honey sweetness, and a smooth malt backing.

It was sweet but not too sweet, subtle but not too subtle, interesting but not… You get the picture. It was good.

Now, speaking of forgetting beers – I’ve been thinking about how there are a lot of beers on the blog which get almost no description whatsoever, other than something like “I can’t remember what this tasted like, but I think it was pretty good.”

I feel a bit guilty about doing that, especially when I think of the brewers reading it, and all the hard work they put into the beer… And so I’ve devised a plan to try and make up for it.

All will be revealed in a couple of months time, but for now I would just like to say to all you neglected beers on BFAY – Tsingtao, Croucher Pilsner, Townsend Cathcarts, I’m talking to you – your time will come again!

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