#185 DB Breweries – Heineken


No one had a camera so no pic!

Name: Heineken
Brewery: DB Breweries (New Zealand)
Style: Pale Lager
ABV: 5%
Source: York Street Studios

Well I had to have one sooner or later, didn’t I?

I actually would have put off drinking Heineken a bit longer, except that I was at an event thingee for work and they only had this or Corona. I half-planned to have something else when I got home for the blog, but then I thought screw it – there’s no reason not to write about Heineken. Also I’d already drunk too much.

Before I bag it too hard, I’ve got to admit that I have drunk many Heinekens  in the past. And maybe once or twice… I even enjoyed them. At home at Mum’s house we used to drink them with lunch in the summer (although these days she’s switched to Epic), and even now I don’t say no when it’s free at functions.

Realistically though, Heineken is a really boring, often overpriced pale lager, with a bit of a wanky personality.

Had I poured it into a glass the colour would have been clear, pale straw with a short-lasting white head, but because everybody drinks Heineken from the bottle, that’s what I did.

The aroma was best described as being of beer – but if I had to break it down I’d say the faintest trace of hops, wet cardboard, and grain.

In the mouth it was quite fizzy, with some light malt taste, a little grass, grain, and raw sugar. It was one-dimensional, with a light watery mouthfeel, and very little bitterness at the finish.

But you already knew that, didn’t you?

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  1. Wet cardboard, may have been a little oxidized as well.

  2. We served this up at a tasting last year. Moa’s head brewer
    Dave has brewed Heiniken around the world so we served it at his Playing Favourites tasting. At the time it was fresh and increadibly well made. In fact the precision of the brewing was only matched by the boringness of the product.

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