#184 Hawkes Bay Independent – Summer Ale

Hawkes Bay Summer ReserveName: Special Reserve Summer Ale
Brewery: Hawkes Bay Independednt Brewery (Hawkes Bay, New Zealand)
Style:  Spiced Ale
ABV: 5%
Source: Herne Bay Cellars

Remember how I said a few posts ago that I had started running to counteract beer consumption?

Well I should probably just come clean right now and admit that all I’ve actually done is buy some running shoes and go for a couple of “power walks”.

One of these “power walks” was to Herne Bay Cellars, and I actually was going quite fast (although I wasn’t those silly swinging-arm motions), because it was hot and I was very thirsty.

I was going because my brother had told me that they have Fill-Your-Own taps there, which was an amazing revelation given I’ve lived 10 minutes away for two years and never know.

Fill my own I did. They had Emerson’s Pilsner (and those great brown glass flagons to put it in), Epic Pale Ae and a couple from Leigh Sawmill. I got 1.5L of Epic Pale Ale for around $15 I think, and picked up this bottle of Hawkes Bay Summer Ale – because it was summery, and because it was one of the only things I hadn’t blogged.

So, this one is made with honey and cinnamon (and maybe citrus too?), which made me think it would be like the horrible Monteith’s beer of the same name.

Thankfully this one was actually quite pleasant – even if I’d only drink one, and preferably on a really hot afternoon like this.

It smelled of  citrusy, herby hops and only slightly of spice. In the mouth it tasted of woody cinnamon, lemonade, honey and some kind of herby vegetation – maybe ginger. It was interesting for a moment, but that didn’t last long before the honey  took over and became a bit too sweet, with no real bitterness at the finish to balance it out.

If I was the kind of person that gave beer stars (and I’m not, honest), I’d probably give this 2 and a half.

And now, instead of going out for a Saturday morning power walk I’m going to do just the opposite and eat Yum Cha. Much better!

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