Hello there,

So I’m halfway between post 182 and 183, which is sort of like 182.5.

It’s sort of…a bit like…. halfway through Beer For a Year!

“Calm down, calm down”, I hear you saying. “Put your streamers away, take off that ridiculous hat –  you still have ages to go!”

Well I know that (party pooper), but still I though it might be a good time for a little ‘check-in’, and to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions, some ‘FAQs’ if you will, about Beer For a Year.  Here goes…

1. Is it hard?
Yes and no. Drinking beer is easy (duh), but paying proper attention to each one, and finding the time to post is a bit of a drag. Especially at the moment when it feels like yonks since I started it and yonks till the end.

2. Have you put on weight?
Oh well maybe just a little tiny bit. But it’s not drinking one beer each day that does it, it’s going to the pub in the weekend and drinking 6 beers and eating a bowl of chips and a burger and then 3 more beers and another burger on the way home. I’ve started running now though so that’s OK.

3. Are you a beer expert now?
Hah! Have you read the blog? No.

4. What’s the best beer you’ve had so far?
Unnnnghh. Ask me at the end.

5. Is it really expensive?
Yes. But some people have blogs about designer shoes! That would be waaaaaay worse.

6. Have you ever missed a day?
No! I’ve come perilously close a few times, but I have definitely drunk a different beer every day so far.

7. Do you get given free beer?
Yes – mostly from my Mum and Dad.  Epic and homebrewers are the only brewers that have given me their own beer to try, but I am very willing for this to change. (Call me.)

8. You do know that next year is a leap year, right? So are you going to do 366 beers?
I… Uh… I think…. Hey! Look over there!

9. Are you sick of beer yet?

10. There are no more questions, I just wanted to make it an even 10.


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  1. Crongrats on getting to half way. Hope the second half goes well.
    I reckon 1 question you missed is how do you plan what to drink. It must sometimes be a nightmare. Ever been close to trying one you have already done?
    Awesome effort so far. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, as for your question… I don’t plan! Usually I have a few bottles in my pantry so I might take something from there, or pick up something from the supermarket on the way home, or choose something at the pub if I go to one. It’s all pretty random and really just depends on what I feel like at the time. And yup, I have come close to doing the same beer twice a couple of times. Luckily I realised just in time!

  2. Well done! I totally applaud your dedication to the cause, it seems lately we have trouble getting our blog on once a month (oops!) but you, every damn day.

    Keep up the good work 😉

  3. You’re a machine! Galbraiths sometime soon?

  4. Keep it up Alice, as a dear freind once slured to me “your just going to have to drink your way out of it”…terrible advice but for once actually appropriate.

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