#176 John Martin – Gordon Finest Gold

Couldn't get my photo off my camera!

Name: Gordon Finest Gold
John Martin
Style: Belgian Strong Ale
ABV: 10%
Source: Te Aroha Countdown

OK, OK. I know what you’re thinking. First DB Export Dry, then Becks, and now whatever the hell this is. The blog is going downhill.

You’re absolutely right, it is, but I assure you we’ll be uphill very shortly (not in the next post though, the next one will be crap too) just as soon as I get out of the Coromandel.

I’m in Te Aroha at the moment, which is a rather lovely thermal town just a couple hours away from Auckland. And while it really is rather lovely (bush walks n mountains n that), the beer of choice is Waikato Draught and there isn’t much else on offer.

I was going to have a Waikato Draught, but then I just went to the supermarket and bought this strange thing instead.

I had one sip and then decided it wasn’t worth the hangover.  It was like someone had put 10 teaspoons of sugar and a shot of vodka into a Golden Ale, albeit a Belgian one with a little bit of fruit flavor. Possibly that sounds excellent to some people, but for me it was just a mess.

On the plus side, if you wanted to get drunk for $10 then two cans of this would do it. Also, it comes in a large yellow can so uhhhh… I guess it would always be easy to spot at parties??

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  1. I actually like that you are including beer from across the spectrum, even if only for science, and other’s enjoyment….
    Seriously, who is to say a can of 10% tramp juice isn’t deserving of a blog post?

  2. I was pleasantly surprised to find some beers from the Coromandel Brewing Co in Waihi Beach over New Years, shame you couldn’t find any of theirs in Te Aroha… you would’ve finished them at the least

  3. If only I’d known! Waihi was close, would have been worth the drive…

  4. I just witnessed a man climb up the shelves at Pak’n’Save, not more than an hour ago, to grab the last two cans of this off the back of the top shelf. It must be good!

    • you should’ve taken pity on the poor fella, Stu, and pointed out that for $-per-standard-drink Harvest Scrumpy or cask wine would be cheaper…

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