#175 Lion Nathan – Beck’s

Beck'sName: Becks
Brewery: Lion Nathan (Canterbury Brewery, New Zealand)
Style: Lager
ABV: 4.8%
Source: Laneways music festival

Yes, I know. Booooring. But I had no choice! I was at a music festival, it was hot as hell, and this was the best only beer on offer. What was a girl to do?

Before I get on to the beer, notice how I look a bit crazy in the photo. It gives you some indication of the sun-induced delirium that I was suffering – bought on by 10 hours of doing the indie shuffle and not a patch of shade to shuffle in.

When you’re in that frame of mind, even a cold Becks in a plastic cup that took you an hour to buy because you lined up for 30 minutes in one queue and then was told when you got to the front that you couldn’t pay with cash and had to line up in a different queue to buy coupons and then line up again for the beer, seems like a godsend.

Godsend is exaggerating, but it wasn’t completely awful. I marginally prefer Beck’s to Heineken and Stella Artois, even though I bloody hate those ‘she is a thing of beauty’ billboards. Do I need to describe what it tasted like? Probably not. It was like a lager, and it was cold and fizzy and yes – it was wet too. I was hot and dry and thirsty, so I guzzled it gratefully and lined up again (twice) like a sucker.

Despite all my grizzling, the Laneway festival was actually pretty great and I’m sure I’ll go again. I just hope (are you listening organizers? Probably not) that there is some actual good beer next year.

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  1. I ended up not drinking at Laneway, not out of snobbery, but out of not wanting to spend $35 on 5 Beck’s. I only wanted a couple in the heat of the afternoon, and my gf wasn’t drinking either. I found out later you could return unused drink coupons….

    I hope they have better beer next year too, but I am pessimistic – Becks were named on the programme as a supporter and have no doubt got a multi year exclusive contract sorted out.

    Anyway, the music was stellar, esp Laura Marling, Toro Y Moi, and Feist!

    • Yup – those were my three favorite acts too!

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