#170 Inzane Brewing – Weetbix

Name: Weetbix
Brewery:  Inzane Brewing (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Style: ‘Dark & hoppy session ale’
ABV: 3%
Source: Zane himself

First of all – sorry for the hiatus on posting these last few days. I’ve been away at a wedding and also swamped with writing work from my real job, and other such excuses which are almost definitely nothing to do with laziness.

The first of the five or so beers I have to write about tonight is this Weetbix. The Weetbix is a remix of a Weemix, and the Weemix is a remix of a Pot Kettle Black. Capisce?

No, I didn’t think so.

This is Zane (of Red Dwarf and Caspa fame)’s homebrew version of the Yeastie Boys Weemix, which in turn is their lower strength version (2011 remix) of the incredibly wonderful Pot Kettle Black.

Being a remix of a remix, I’d expected this to be pretty far removed from the original, but in fact it retained much of the same characteristics.

Like the PKB, which is essentially a hopped-up porter, it has loads of roasty, treacley malt, a slight smokiness, and fresh citrussy bitterness from the hops. The Weetbix (and Weemix) are nowhere near as intense as the PKB, but that’s just fine because you can drink much more of it. Hooray!

The other great thing about the Weetbix was that – unlike some midstrength beers I’ve had in the past – it didn’t have a watery, empty mouthfeel. Each sip felt full and satisfying, to the extent where I was wondering if it really really was only 3%.

One final thing of note is label, which shows a bottle of beer being poured all over a bowl of Weet-Bix. I’ve seen people put some weeeird shit on Weet-bix (cottage cheese and orange slices anyone? My boyfriend did it last week), but that is just so wrong. Or is it really right? Someone try it and let me know.

PS – I would like to take this opportunity to thank another Christchurch homebrewer – Douglas the Lie-in King – who kindly emailed me to tell me how to flip my Photo Booth photos around. The days of holding a mirror to the computer screen are over!


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  1. This is on my list to rebrew very soon. The first batch (which you just reviewed the last bottle of) disappeared very quickly! I thought it was very tasty for a lowish alcohol beer.

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