#168 Brick House – Lie-In King

Name: Lie-In King (!)
Brewery: Brick House (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Style: Golden Ale
ABV: 4.7%
Source: Douglas Horrell

OK – let me just start by saying bravo to brewer Douglas on the name. I love the Lion King, I love lie-ins, but most important I LOVE PUNS!

The Lie-in King (teehee!) is another fabulous homebrew, sent to me a few months back by Douglas Horrell of Christchurch.

It’s described as a Golden Ale (a style I usually find a bit boring), but this was much tastier and hoppier than any I’ve tried before.

It was made with Nelson Sauvin hops, which I thought gave it bold, punchy notes of both citrus and tropical fruit – the most obvious being mango. In the mouth it was well-balanced, zesty and crisp, with a little fresh cut grass and pine-needley dryness at the finish.

At least that’s how I remember it from last night. The only note I actually wrote was “Why doesn’t my homebrew taste like this?” – and then I wrote a list of pun-filled potential beer names, as if that was the answer.

(FYI, it turned out one of the best ones – Hoptimus Prime – is already taken.)

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  1. Thanks Alice! Very kind, especially about the puns 😉
    It was a bit past it’s peak, so I’m glad the hops still came through nicely. Some of that citrus and cut grass character was probably from NZ Goldings which was the other dominant hop.

    Hope your hop plant is doing well.

  2. Someone may have asked this already, but why are all your photos mirrored? I’m sure there’s some sort of software doohicky out there that could flip them back.

    • They’re mirrored because I’m using Photo Booth (in-built camera program on Macs) until I get a new iPhone. You’re probably absolutely right that there’s a program to flip them but… well. I hadn’t thought of that!

      • You can make Photo booth do it automatically. Edit> Auto Flip New Photos. You can also flip ones you’ve already taken by clicking the photo and choosing Edit> Flip.

  3. Douglas is a legendary brewer.

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