#164 Invercargill Brewery – Boysenbeery

Name: Boysenbeery
Brewery: Invercargill Brewery
Style: Fruit Beer
ABV: 6.5%
Source: Victoria Park New World

This beer made me feel like Rachel Hunter.

That is – Rachel Hunter eating a boysenberry Trumpet in the 1985 Tip Top commercial (which some would pinpoint as the beginning of her successful career).

You can’t really see it in my crappy photo, but it poured a gorgeous ruby/pink colour with a marshmallow head. It smelled, obviously, like fresh boysenberry’s, with a creamy, vanilla backing (that’s the icecream), and some wheat – which made me think of boysenberry pie.

That all sounds pretty sickly, but in the mouth it wasn’t not really sweet at all. It was dry and crisp with a lemony tartness at the finish – which made it taste classy, like Rachel Hunter.

While I probably wouldn’t want a whole pint of this, the 330ml bottle chilled on a hot afternoon was perfection

And now this!

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  1. Is great when you blend it with Craftsman Stout from Renaissance.

    • Yum! Kinda like stout with rasberry syrup, except nice.

  2. Two beers I’m really not that keen on but blended they might work. Must try that once Craftsman is out again.

  3. also you know that on the basis of the last 3 photo’s this blog could be renamed “Woman hiding behind Beer”

  4. Love this beer. Tried mixing it today with xeRRex at our Nelson home brew meet. Nom!

    • WTF!!?? Nelson homebrewers are so crazy they need to make xeRRex more weird!

      • If it’s any consolation Stu, I’m now less inspired to brew a batch of 100% peated barley wine after trying xeRRex. It’s great but in small doses!

      • I always want another bottle when I get to the end…. but at 10%, I think one bottle is enough.

        Rex is more sessionable, I’m usually quite satisfied with 3 bottles.

  5. I miss boysenberry Trumpets.

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