#162 Rother Bräu – Öko Ur-Weizen

Sorry about the terrible photo. Still no iPhone!

Name: Oko Ur-Weizen
Brewery: Rother Bräu (Hausen/Rhoen, Germany)
Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 5.3%
Source: Regional Wines and Spirits.

Note to self: Do not pick beers purely based on their labels. (I got this one because it looked Christmassy).

Actually scrap that, picking beers based on their labels is awesome! What I really mean is: Decipher the weird German font and check that whatever beer you’re buying is not a Hefeweizen.

As far as Hefeweizen’s go this was actually one of the better one’s I’ve had. It did still have that same dishwater/wallpaper paste taste that I get with most wheat beers, but it was disguised with a bright, fruity sweetness (banana, orange and pinapple) along with doughy yeast and spices.

Overall I’d say he’s pretty fly for a wheat guy.


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  1. Pretty fly for a wheat guy.

    Very goo!

    Did you chuckle to yourself when you wrote that. I would have , and I would have inflicted it on the family so they could bask in my naff humour.

    • Chuckle? I just about wet my pants!

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