#145-149 – Disaster!

OK, so Disaster may be overstating things a little – I haven’t been held at gunpoint or sent to jail – but blogwise I’m having to admit something close to defeat.

I’ve been drinking a different beer every day, that part is easy, but my iPhone which had a few blogs and photos ready to publish once I found Wi-Fi, has been stolen. (It was actually kind of a funny story how that happened, one I’ll probably laugh at once I’m done crying.)

That makes posting a lot more difficult, and uploading photos of the beers impossible, so I’m just going to have to do a quick round up of the last few brews without photos. Forgive me! (she said, as if the world was going to despair.)

#145 Primus & Minerva – Lupe Reyes
This was my New Year’s Eve beer, and was suitably special because it’s Mexico’s first ever collaboration brew (though probably not its last, if NZ and the US are anything to go by.) It was a while ago and my notes were on my phone, but I remember it was a pretty high ABV dark wheat beer, with a fantastically festive label. It had aromas of bready yeast, christmassy spices, banana and dark dried fruits. In the mouth it was sweet and warming, with a pleasing bitter finish. Buenisimo! 

#146 Condesa – Poe Brown Ale
I wish I hadn’t lost the bloody photos because like the last one, this label was really cool – all gothic and Edgar Allen Poe like. No matter – it was one of the nicest Mexican beers I’ve had. Caramelly, nutty, with a slightly savoury (meaty even?) flavour in the mouth and a bitter finish. I think it was about 6%.

#147 Grupo Modelo – Corona Extra
Well I had to do it some time, didn’t I? I drank this at a really fantastic, crazy food hall in Oaxaca City. Possibly because there were so many exciting sights and smells round me, possible because Corona tastes like nothing, I barely even registered that I was drinking it. If I had I may have noted flavours of cereal and hay, or an empty, watery mouthfeel, but I couldn’t possible remember.

#148 Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma (Heineken) – Sol
The Sol was fantastic! And no, I’m not going deranged in the Mexican heat, it’s just that it was disguised beyond recognition with lime, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, Tabasco sauce, black peppers and salt. It’s called a Michelada and I highly recommend it to anyone who finds light lager left in their fridge after a party.

#149 Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma (Heineken) – Dos Equis XX Lager
This was almost an exact repeat of the Sol – although marginally better, I still had to take to it with the hot sauce and lime. Those Micheladas are just so damn refreshing! Although I promise not to post about anymore for variety’s sake, I can tell you I may have found my go-to beverage of Mexico…

And that brings me up to date I think, although I don’t even know what day of the week it is so who knows. Not me. I’m going to drink another Michealada now… Adios!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your phone! I’d be at a complete loss if mine was lost/stolen. It literally contains my entire life. On that note, I must do a backup of it.

    That aside, Mexico seems to be awesome!

  2. Hi, I just discovered your blog and have spent the last hour or more compiling a list of beers to buy with my $100 New World gift card. I’m a fan of Epic’s beers (read Hop Zombie) but I’ve now got several Yeastie Boys beers on my list to try!

    Keep up the good work, sorry to hear about your iPhone! (blog the story!?)

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