#140 Grupo Modelo – Modelo Especial

Name: Modelo Especial
Brewery: Grupo Modelo (Mexico)
Style: Lager
ABV: 4.4%
Source a bar in Condesa, Mexico City



So this is the first beer I drank in Mexico City, and while it was pretty crappy, it was at least big.

Really big in fact. I accidentally ordered Uno Litro thinking it would be a jug of beer that I could share with my boyfriend, but in fact it was this colossal thing that near snapped my puny wrists every time I lifted it.

Looking back at my notes I see I wrote 3 words: “tastes like lager”. By which I mean it was yellow & fizzy with an aroma of hay and cereal and a taste of soda water. No surprises really, Grupo Mordelo make Corona, and while I think this was slightly better, the distinction was minimal.

I didn’t care anyway. I was just happy to be in a rowdy Cantina, eating barbecued seafood and not understanding a word anyone was saying. It was bliss.

PS – I’ve since learned a good trick for dealing with lagers like this: just add lime juice, Maggi sauce, chilli and Worcestershire, salt the rim of the glass and voila – instant flavour!

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