I’m going there. Today. For three whole weeks.

Will this affect the blog? Definitely. Will it botch it up beyond salvation? Err, hopefully not.

I’m not sure if this is really obvious or not (I would have explained on the ‘about’ page, but this ill-chosen wordpress theme doesn’t allow it), but I’m not just drinking 365 beers in a year, but a different beer every day for a year. That means that I’ll need to find a new beer for each day that I’m in Mexico, with no catch up beers when I get home allowed.

That might prove difficult given that Mexico is not exactly known as a craft beer mecca, and then on top of that there’s the small matter of time-differences and missed days on planes. On top of that there’s the fact that I don’t reeeally want to spend an hour of each day at an internet cafe blogging.

How will I get around these things? I don’t know. But I will. I may end up lumping several beers into single posts to save time, and I may end up venturing into the terrifying world of vlogging once again (though I hope for everybody’s sake that it doesn’t come to that.)

Anyway, it’ll all be fine so stay tuned – and the next beer I drink will be in MEXICO CITY!

Actually no – no it will be at Auckland airport. And then the next beer will probably be at LAX.

But then after thatMEXICO CITY!

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  1. Welcome to Mexico. I really hope that we can change people’s idea that Mexico is not a place for craft beer. Looking forward to your post/s!

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