#136 Hallertau – Beastwars IPA

Name: Beastwars
Brewery: Hallertau (Auckland, New Zealand)
Style: IPA
ABV: 6%
Source: Victoria Park New World

Apologies to anyone who’s gagging for an in-depth review of Beastwars IPA today. I’m on Waiheke Island, squinting at my laptop in the sun and trying to get this over with as soon as possible so that I can go eat ham and drink beer and sing Christmas carols with the whanau. (Just kidding, we don’t sing. Much).

Beastwars is a limited release IPA from Hallertau, inspired by the music of the Wellington metal band named, naturally Beastwars.

The label is a-ma-zing:

See how there’s a lion fighting a alligator? (could be an crocodile, I have no idea what the difference is) – that’s two beasts having a war. Beast – wars, geddit?

I think for the beer to ever properly live up to that label it would have to taste horrible. Like a mixture of lemon juice, tobasco sauce, bourbon, LSD, and fire.

In actuality it’s rather delightful.

The aroma for me is the high point – A bit like a riper version of an American Pale Ale – loads of sharp citrus, but also sweet pinnapple, passionfruit & stonefruit.  In the mouth I also got plenty of caramel malt, and a sharp piney dry bitterness at the finish which for me lingered a little too long (probably because I’m just not hardcore enough.)

OK! I can hear my family singing Frosty The Snowman opening beers so I’m out. Rock on!!

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  1. Well, zoology is something I can contribute to meaningfully – that looks like a croc to me. Although there are a few differences, the key one is the snout – crocs are broad across the chops, alligators narrower (and restricted to Nth. American and China FWIW)

    (Oh, and thanks for sharing these reviews and can’t wait to see what you’ve kept for tomorrow)

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