#132 Beat Brewing – IPA

Name: IPA
Brewery: Beat Brewing (Auckland, New Zealand)
Style: IPA
ABV: 7%
Source: Stu Harwood

As you might possibly be able to ascertain from the picture – this beer was a homebrew, stealthily snuck to me by my new beer friend Stu Harwood at Leigh.

(Sorry Stu that I didn’t stick the label on like I was supposed to. Sorry also that the label I’m holding up is not even the right one.)

What can I say? This beer was annoyingly good. Honest to God, it tasted exactly like 8 Wired Hopwired – to the point that I actually entertained the idea that he had put some in a bottle and tried to flog it off as his own.

(Sorry again Stu. I talked to Hayden ands he confirmed that you are in fact a very good homebrewer and would not try to pass of one of New Zealand’s best IPAs as your own.)

While all the homebrews I’ve had so far have been genuinely wonderful, I’d say this is the first that seemed completely flawless. There was no thinness, no funny tasting water, no ‘unique’ aromas or lack of carbonation. There were juicy fruity hops (they seemed American, but surely not? Feel free to enlighten me in the comments section Stu), caramelly malt, a crisp, medium-body and a dry bitter finish. It was – as I say – just like Hopwired.

How did you do it Stu? TELL ME HOW YOU DID IT!

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  1. Haha loving the picture! I’m glad you liked it!

    I didn’t mention to you at the time, but it’s actually a clone of Yeastie Boy’s Digital IPA, which they most generously posted online here: http://yeastieboys.posterous.com/private/yCmgJxeHrs. I didn’t do any of the water treatments, apart from adding half a campden tablet to get rid of the chlorine.

    All NZ hops, fuckin’ boom!

    • Aha! It was so familiar – I must have been getting the memory of Hopwired and Digital mixed up. Great beer anyway!

    • Nice!!
      colour definitely looks more like Hopwired but it could just be the light. Without the water treatment you’d be likely to get more malt character and less bitterness, which would also lend itself towards the Hopwired comparison.

      • Hey Stu,

        Yeah I finally tried the original version last night at Galbraiths, and yep it was more bitter, clearer, slightly more carbonated, and a bit more refreshing. I really need to pull my finger out and start doing water treatments.
        Great label too btw!

  2. I don’t think you need more water treatments. Your hazy, malty, DigiWired hybrid is my idea of a perfect IPA!

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