#130 Leigh Sawmill – Pale Ale

Leigh Sawmill Pale Ale Name: Pale Ale
Brewery: Leigh Sawmill Brewing Company (Leigh, New Zealand)
Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 4.4%
Source: Leigh Sawmill

Before I get on to the Pale Ale, I have a small confession to make.

I kicked off my weekend with – wait for it… a DB Export Dry. I don’t have an awesome excuse like I did with the Tui, except that it was cold and I was hot, and I wasn’t really thinking of it as a beer so much as a device for lowering my body temperature. If you want to know, it was remarkably flavourless – a bit like drinking soda water garnished with hay from a tin cup.

I would have written about that as my beer for the day, but I was heading out to Leigh Sawmill so thought I had better take the opportunity to post about their beer while I could get it fresh.

You can’t see it in my photo but the Pale Ale poured the usual pale ale colour – clear and golden with a small white head.

On the nose I got nothing really, except for sweetness (which isn’t really a smell but somehow it is, you know?) and some faint, indeterminable hop aroma. In the mouth it was pretty sweet – and not in a nice caramel malty way but more of a straight sugar way that reminds me of big-brand lagers. The hops were grassy and faint, and the finish lightly bitter.

To be fair, this was easy to drink, and it was better than the next beer I had (The 12 Gauge, which was an imperial pilsner and was even sweeter), also it kicked the DB Export Dry’s ass flavour-wise. It could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse.

And then, as if to prove this to myself, I ended my night with a Heineken. Ummm…. Yeah.

*Apologies to the kind friend who gave me said Export Dry. I don’t mean to sound like a raging snob but hell, maybe I am.

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  1. Thats sad. 12 Gauge used to be really good. Last samples i had werent up to much though. Hops were subdued and it had a fair bit diacetyl/V.D.K which might be your ‘straight sugar sweetness’.

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