#129 Yeastie Boys – His Majesty 2011

Name: His Majesty 2011
Brewery: Yeastie Boys
Style: Burton IPA
ABV: 7%
Source: O’Carrolls Freehouse (tap)

You know what’s not a brilliant idea? Getting drunk on a Thursday night because you can’t quite wait that one more day for the weekend. And do you know who does that way too often?

Yours truly.

So as you might have guessed, I got a little drunk last night – but actually not without good reason. It was Epic’s 6th birthday party and the launch of their new LARGER beer (see the last post for my ravings on that), which meant all of Auckland’s beer geeks were together in one place. And that place was a a pub, so…. did I really ever have a choice?

Anyway. About three beers in I noticed there was a Yeastie Boys tap on, but the badge didn’t say which one it was. The bartender didn’t seem to know either, so we were all a bit confused until Yeastie Boy Sam showed up and tasted some himself. Apparently it was His Majesty!

The reason I’d never tried His Majesty, or Her Majesty of any year, was because they all come in these very nice 750ml champagne bottles that I can’t really afford. I was pretty excited then, that I could just buy a half-pint for 6 bucks (cheapskate, I know) and finally get to blog about one.

This is a Burton IPA. “Burton” referrs to Burton-on-Trent in England, which is famed for having water with a high sulphate content. The sulphate somehow brings out the flavour of hops really well, so lots of IPAs in England are and have been for a long time, made at Burton.

Unfortunately my usually razor-sharp palate (ha ha) was numbed by all the loud music and previous beers and the smell of other beer geeks, so I can’t say a lot about what this one tasted like. I do know it was completely different to the kind of IPAs we’re used to getting here – different hop smell, less bitter, more malty I thought. The mouthfeel had a real crispness to it – which could be because of the water I spose – and I thought it actually had a bit of a yeasty, Belgium taste, which could have been the sulphur.

Unfortunately I can’t remember much more than that, which just goes to show I should stop having my ‘beer of the day’ after I’ve already had three others. I think the Yeastie Boys have probably done something really interesting here, so if you see a bottle around, don’t be a stinge like me and buy it!

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  1. I served some blind to someone who said “Saison?”… So you’re not alone. The yeast has a hint of funk, although it is English in origin, but it is definitely the water that gives it that mouthpuckering dry edge.

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