#127 Electric Landlord – Free Parkin V2

Name: Free Parkin
Brewery: Electric Landlord (Auckland, New Zealand)
Style: Spiced Yorkshire Dark Strong Ale
ABV: 7%
Source: Martin Bridges

Forgive me. I did something extremely cheesy for this photo and created a bit of a still-life Christmas scene – complete with fibre-optic tree, Christmas mince pie, and a beer which I fancied to be a little bit Chrismassy. You have to admit, it kinda warms the cockles of your heart though eh?

Aaaanyway, ‘Free Parkin V2’ is a creation by one of Auckland’s friendliest beer geeks, Martin Bridges. He kindly responded to my cry for more homebrew (which I would like to repeat: send me your homebrew!) and gave me this beer which based on a spiced cake from Yorkshire called Parkin.

Martin’s Parkin (nice ring to it eh?) poured a deep brown colour which I think was slightly hazy – though I can’t be sure as I was fumbling around in Christmas tree-light.

My first thought when I sniffed it was “Fuck. I have absolutely no idea how to describe this smell and Martin’s going to expect me to.” (It was a good smell – just new and unusual.)

After a few more deep inhalations I began to pick apart a few flavours – the first being, I thought, peppermint. But then as it started to warm up I realised I was really smelling ginger – which I guess Martin must have added to the beer. I took a sip and got more spice, treacley malt, and a hop bitterness that reminded me of quinine in tonic water.

It kept getting better as I drank it – the aroma got stronger and more gingerbready, with a little mixed spice, raisins, and maybe even some mandarin too. The light quinine-ish bitterness gave it a crispness that made it quite quaffable,  which is fine because you’re allowed to quaff 7% beers at Christmas.

Thanks Martin for sharing this delightful beer with me, and sorry if my description is completely pants. I feel like I was trying to describe the indescribable – which is always much more fun!

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  1. Thanks for that Alice – I don’t think you did too bad given that it’s a fairly hard to describe beer. Really glad you liked it. I’ve got a couple of bottles of the first batch I did about a year ago and the treacle comes through more and more over time.

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