#124 Fullers – London Pride

Fuller's London Pride Name: London Pride
Brewery: Fullers (London, England)
Style: ESB
ABV: 4.7%
Source: Greytown liquor store

Just a very quick post on this one as I’m quite behind on the posts and frankly, still quite buggered after a weekend (/week/year) of excessive consumption.

This was Saturday’s beer, which I had in the middle of Dad’s 60th birthday after about 10 glasses of wine. Needless to say my memory is hazy and my notes… well. There were no notes.

I do remember that it had a lovely sweet, toffeeish malty aroma much like the day before’s Wee Heavy. In the mouth it was quite different though – not nearly as syrupy or sweet, with a much greater hop presence and a crisp, bitter finish.

I think I was a bit disappointed by it just because I was comparing it to the  Wee Heavy – but actually it’s a completely different style and there’s no reason why it should have been similar. Probably I was just riding the dizzying high of the malt wave and never wanted to come down. That or I was  drunk from the 10 glasses of wine.

In summary – I have no idea. I’m going to stop trying to write this review now before it gets any worse. Over and out.

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  1. classic. good review, remind me to get this after my tenth glass of wine. hmm… realistically if I made it to 10 glasses of wine, I’d probably be ready for bed, so good effort. Also congrats on the blog award, it’s your commitment that got my vote (plus, it’s a very entertaining read, I’ll keep coming back for the next two thirds of the project) Woohoo!

    • Cheers, and thanks for reminding me that I’m a third of the way there! There’s definitely no going back now…

  2. While many consider Pride slightly unfashionable (boring brown bitter), I’ve probably drunk more of this beer than any other. When on form and from cask, it is wonderful. Always been a little disappointed by the bottled and kegged versions we get here though, but I think it is a very deserving beer nonetheless.

  3. I think its a total classic and has sooo much more character than many of the other supposidly boring brown bitters it sits on the bar next to.

    Strangly the new 330ml bottles we are getting now seem to taste much better than the 500mls and keg product. They are also bizarrely cheaper per ml so so much for bulk discount 🙂

    • What I didn’t explain is that I don’t consider ‘boring brown bitter’ as a pejorative – nothing wrong with such a beer when it is as good as London Pride. It’s no Harvey Sussex Best though….

      Will search out a 330ml bottle to try.

  4. just found out that the 330ml werent successful enougth for Beerforce and they have deleted them from NZ. Stink.

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