#123 Belhaven – Wee Heavy

Belhaven - Wee Heavy Name: Wee Heavy
Brewery: Belhaven (Greene King)
Style: Scotch Ale
ABV: 6.5%
Source: Greytown liquor store

Just had a very, very important beerpiphany, and it came to me in a word as soon as I took a sip of this Belhaven Wee Heavy.


If I’m falling out of love with those super-hopped, saliva-stripping IPAs, then it’s probably because I’m falling in love with sticky, sweet, mouth-filling malt.

The Wee Heavy is a traditional Scotch Ale, and true to the style it is driven by malt, rather than hops. The result is something so wickedly indulgent, desserty and downright delicious that I’d defy anyone (even those weirdos that ‘don’t drink beer’) not to like it.

It smells like toffee and caramel and dark, sticky dried fruits – prunes, dates and raisins. It sounds cheesy – but it’s a smell that will make you smile, grin maniacally even, in the knowledge that you’re about to drink something truly pleasurable.

On the palate it’s every bit as sweet and delicious as the nose promises. The mouthfeel is fantastic – coating and buttery, but with enough carbonation to stop it from being cloying. At 6.5%, it’s also pretty boozy, which doesn’t exactly make things worse.

Honestly – everything about this beer will make you happy. It’s Christmas in a bottle.

Back, for a moment though, to IPAs – which I appear to have cast off a little hastily. I’m not actually over them – I love big hop aromas and I do enjoy some bitterness, I think I’m just going to be looking for a little more balance from now on. Some of those crazy West Coast IPAs are too bitter I think, but balanced IPAs (like Hop Zombie, Digital IPA, and Fullers IPA, to name a few) are just right for me.

Expect to see a lot more Scottish Ales, and malty beers is general on the blog for the next… I don’t know. Until I have another beerpiphany and fall in love with yeast, I suppose.

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  1. Just so long as you don’t fall in love with water (or adjuncts). A blog detailing sampling waters from different locations would be a bit dry. Or should that be wet?

    PS I hate myself for needing to make that joke.

    • I was going to say something about you not having a very dry sense of humour, but then I just punched myself in the face instead.

      • LOL

        His Majesty 2011 is all about the water…

        and malt, hops and yeast of course. But its sulfate level, of 600+ppm, is kinda high.

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