#121 Townhend – Dinner Ale

Townshend Dinner AleName: Dinner Ale
Brewery: Townshend (Upper Moutere, New Zealand)
ABV: 4%
Source: Moutere Inn (Upper Moutere, New Zealand)

This was it. Wednesday was the day that Craft Beer Heaven finally lived up to the grandiose title that I had imposed on it.

I spent the night at the famous (at least among beer geeks) Moutere Inn, which I first said I wanted to visit when I posted about Sutton Hoo.

There are two main reasons why everybody should go there. One is that it’s the oldest (still operating) pub in New Zealand – so there’s history and character oozing from the woodwork – and the other is that it has it has an almost implausibly good-looking set of taps.

For an ancient pub in the middle of, well, nowhere really, it’s amazing to find Townshend, 8 Wired, Three Boys, Epic, Dale’s, and the pub’s own Moutere Inn beers on tap.

They’re a bit more expensive than the draft Tui et al, but not by much actually – and even the 8 Wired Hopwired was just $4.50 for a 12oz during Happy Hour. (Sensibly, they don’t sell it in any larger sizes because of the strong ABV. If pubs in Auckland employed this rule I might not spend every Saturday morning praying for a swift death.)

For the day’s beer I picked a Townshend Dinner Ale (from the handpump, naturally), which is brewed literally just down the road.

It smelled to me almost singularly like pear – maybe pear cider aged in oak barrels if I was being imaginative.

In the mouth it was oh so soft and gentle – the most polite beer I ever tasted. There was a little sweetness from the malt, a hint of tart and a whisper of hop bitterness through the middle, with flavours of delicate pear, apple and wood.

Personally I liked this – but quite not as much as the Bandsman or Sutton Hoo. Which is just as well really – otherwise I’d never know which Townshend beer to choose.

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  1. You should fully try golden bears beers just down the road from there in Mapua. Also a craft brewery with their own bar on site

    • Nawww, wish I’d known! I think next time I go to Craft Beer Heaven I need a lot more time(and money)…

    • My mum sent me a text (to Canada) to tell me about Golden Bear. I think she was really impressed.

  2. yeah Golden Bear is a pretty impressive spot.

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