#119 McCashins Brewery – Stoke Bomber

Stoke BomberName: Original Stoke Bomber
Brewery: McCashins Brewery (Stoke, New Zealand)
Style: Kiwi Pale Ale
ABV: 5.5%
Source: A bottle store in Kaikoura

Just like that I’m Cruising on the Interislander again, and with three days’ worth of posts from Craft Beer Heaven (an area which I have roughly marked out as the top of the South Island) to catch up on.

The first day did not go exactly as planned. I drove through Blenheim planning to visit the Renaissance Brewery (where the ridiculously good 8 Wired is also brewed), but it turned out there’s no cellar door as such. Apparently Renaissance beers can be tasted on tap at the pub next door, which to my dismay was closed for a Christmas function. Damn you Christmas, damn you.

Undettered I drove on to Kaikoura, where I expected I would find Renaissance and 8 Wired beer raining from the sky. Unfortunately the only thing raining from the sky was, well, rain, and there was nary a craft beer tap in town to be found.

No matter. I did find this vaguely local beer at a bottle store, and with the help of a plastic cup and a vaguely scenic beach, managed to have a pretty good time drinking it.

I read on the label that the Original Bomber tasted of stonefruit and biscuity malt before I tasted it, and I s’pose it did a bit – but mostly I thought it had a pretty ordinary ‘brown beer’ flavour. I feel guilty writing this because the brewer would probably have a heart-attack if he saw it, but it’s a taste that makes me think of, well… Tui.

On the other hand, It had a good mouthfeel, a nice caramel sweetness and a decent bitterness at the finish. I thought it didn’t showcase our lovely NZ hops as much as some of the other KPA/APA’s around at the moment, but it was perhaps a more easy-drinking example of the style.

Righto. Better hurry and get the next two posts down before the free beer on this ferry gets the better of me…

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  1. And now I have that damned “Cruising on the Interislander” song stuck in my head.


  2. I have to admit that photo freaks me out a little. Two left hands!

  3. Either your GPS is broken or my NZ geography sucks, but driving from Blenheim to Kaitaia would be one hell of a drive wouldn’t it?

    • Kaitaia? I think you’ll find it says KaiKOURA 😉

      Slash – shame on me. As I said in the next post, my Geography is rubbish, as is my memory – apparently.

    • I’m really glad someone else pointed this out, because I was really confused.

  4. Regarding the Malthouse next to Renaissance – great place BUT… I’ve done a bit of beer tourism, and more than once I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to get to a place and found it closed for a private function. I think closing for a booking is a slap in the face for the customers who keep a bar ticking over every other day of the year.

    For full disclosure, I run a bar and make staying open for customers a priority, even if that means turning down lucrative bookings.

    • Thats why we love ya Dom.

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