#117 Tuatara – Hefe

Name: Hefe
Brewery: Tuatara (Waikanae, New Zealand)
Style: Wheat Beer
ABV:  5%
Source: The Burgundy Room (Wellington)

Of all 117 beers that I’ve had on Beer For a Year so far, I can honestly say this is the first that I didn’t actually want to drink.

Even at 11pm, I was still feeling like  microwaved death as a result of the night before’s bar-crawl. I was at The Burgundy Room watching the wonderful Bannerman, and the only beer they had (apart from Speight’s) that I hadn’t already blogged about was this one.

I probably should have just got the Speight’s. It’s not the Hefe’s fault – it’s probably a fine example of a wheat beer, I just don’t like wheat beer and I wasn’t even in the mood to like anything. (I also don’t like beers that come in those handled glasses. I have weak little chicken arms and they’re too heavy!)

What can I say?  I only had three sips before I gave it away, and I was watching the band so didn’t make any notes. I remember it had the usual charactaristics of wheat beer – banana, bubblegum, lemon, wheat, and had a nice mouthfeel – fullish but still crisp.

I don’t know. If you like wheat beer then this is probably a great New Zealand example of the style – certainly my friends at the bar were enjoying it – but something about it really turns me off. It might be psychological so I’ll try to get past it, and I’ll be sure to have my next one when I’m feeling a little more… receptive. 

In the mean time – sorry Hefe. It’s not you, it’s me.

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  1. You are so soft. You should ask Santa for a straw for Christmas so you don’t need to lift the glass.

    Did you think “I’m never going to drink again?”
    If not, it wasn’t really a hangover.

    Get well soon,
    Love Stu x

  2. I wish there were words for different levels of hangovers, just like there is for different levels of drunk

  3. Hinderover

  4. ps. that truly is an awful example of glassphemy…

  5. I didn’t think “I’ll never drink again” (I’m smarter than that!) but I did think: “If there is a God, kill me now” so I guess it was a Wishingdeaderover.

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