#111 Harrington’s – Rogue Hop

Harringtons Rogue HopName: Rogue Hop
Brewery: Harrington’s (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Style: Pilsner
ABV: 5%
Source: Richmond Rd Cafe

These days, when I go out for breakfast I look for three things on the menu:

One is black pudding. Black pudding is up there among my most favourite foods in the world, especially when it’s thinly sliced and full of fat and fried to a crumbly crisp. (Boy am I getting hungry just thinking about it.)

Two is offal. Any kind of restaurant that is bold (and classy) enough to put offal on it’s menu gets a big tick from me. For breakfast I prefer livers or kidney, but am open to other organs as well.

Three is craft beer. I know I said breakfast – but lets face it, who goes out to breakfast before midday these days?

You can imagine my delight then, when I stumbled on Richmond Rd Cafe which ticked all three boxes yesterday. They had Moa, Coopers, and Harrington’s on their menu – and best of all they had no crap beer.

They also had pan-fried lambs livers, which I ordered with a side of black pudding:

I realise that will look like a complete horror-show to some people out there but just trust me, it was divine (although the black pudding could have been a bit fattier IMO.)

This isn’t a food blog though is it? I’m just sitting at my desk and starving and thus ranting about food which makes me even hungrier. On to the beer!

I passed the Rogue Hop around and got everyone to say what they thought it smelled like, and they came back with “grapefruit peel”, “saffron”, and “an Indian spice shop”. Obviously my family are better at tasting beer than me because I just said “cereal and plants”.

Anyway, the smell was pretty nice, and when I sipped it it was clean and refreshing, but (like most lagers I’ve tried) I didn’t really find it that interesting. I reckon it was quite a bit like the Tuatara Pilsner I had the other day, and it’s probably just the case the style isn’t really for me.

That didn’t stop it from being a bloody marvelous breakfast though. I’ll be back to Richmond Rd Cafe soon to try a different beer, and their Pan-fried lambs kidneys. Karrrrggghhhhh……

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  1. It’s easy drinking though and the Glen Innes Nosh has them for $14.50 a six pack which is cheeeeeeeeeap

    • Woah – mega cheap! Extra points for that then.

  2. Nice, I am also an offal-fiend!!

    • Heh, cool. Originally I was going to do a blog about offal instead of beer – and I still have the URL for “Offally Good” reserved just in case!

      • That would be awesome. Start that the day after beer #365.

  3. “cereal and plants” – hahahahaha I can’t stop laughing about this. These are the best tasting notes ever!!!

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