#110 Inzane Brewing – Red Dwarf

Inzane Brewing Red Dwarf Name:  Red Dwarf
Brewery: Inzane Brewing (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Style: Aotearoan Amber Ale
ABV: 6.1%
Source: Inzane Brewing

Its cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere,
I’m all alone, more or less,
Let me fly, far away from here,
Fun, fun, fun, In the sun, sun, suuuun..

Sorry. Any mention of Red Dwarf and BAM – that theme song is in my head for two weeks. What a great show though eh?! And what a great name for an Amber Ale. Zane gets 10 points immediately for that and for having a photo of Rimmer looking like a prat on the label.

Of course, Zane has been getting points from others too recently – real points from real beer judges that actually mean something. When I saw on Twitter yesterday that Zane had been crowned Champion Brewer at the National Homebrewing Competition, I immediately rushed to put one of his beers in the fridge. It’s called keeping your finger on the pulse!

Zane probably would have preferred me to drink this a little earlier (he sent it to me a couple of months ago I think), but if it had suffered at all from it’s time in my cupboard then I couldn’t tell. The initial smell was of fresh juicy hops – like sticking my nose straight into the bag – then of a treacley malt, then of a whole  lot of other stuff that I couldn’t put my finger on. I did write down ‘pineapple, citrus, white pepper, fizzy lollies, golden syrup’ – but you can probably assume I’m wrong about all of these. Basically it was malty and hoppy and yum. The finish was bitter (but not overly dry) and the taste lingered after it was gone, like the Red Dwarf theme song.

I think I saw on Twitter that Zane has only been brewing for 6 months, which is pretty impressive and also probably pretty annoying if you’ve been brewing for ages and haven’t ever been crowned Champion. He’s nice enough to share his secrets though – and you can follow his brewing adventures (and get a run down of his NHC wins) on his blog here.

And because I don’t want to be the only one singing this for the next two weeks, I leave you with…

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  1. I’ve been lucky enough to receive a beer from Zane too… his interpretation of our PKB Weemix (which he called WeetBix). It was a lovely quaffable session beer with great complexity.

    Are there any resutls online?

    • I have the weetbix too! Was hoping to find some weemix and do a side by side comparison but haven’t come across it. I couldn’t find online results anywhere either.

  2. Thanks Alice! Red Dwarf was brewed on the 21st of September and so would not have been too old at all by the time you opened it. I would have entered it in the comp too but I figured it might have still been a bit young by the time it was judged. However I liked it a lot, and finished it all off a couple of weeks back… so that is the last bottle of that brew that you opened!

    I have not seen the results posted anywhere yet, but the short list of major category winners is up on my blog that Alice linked to.

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