#103 Bear Republic – Hop Rod Rye

Name: Hop Rod Rye
Brewery: Bear Republic (California, USA)
Style: American IPA
ABV: 8.41%
Source: Regional Wines (Wellington)

The first (and only other) time I had this Hop Rod Rye was a couple of months back at Galbraith’s. I was waiting at the bar about to order something-or-other, when I got a whiff of this stupendous malty grapefruit thing beside me. I turned to see a guy  pouring this into his glass, and on the strength of that smell, the awesome label, and the chance to say “I’ll have what he’s having”, I ordered one too.

It was delicious (which is just as well because it came in a 750ml bottle and set me back 23 bucks) but I couldn’t blog about it because I’d already done my beer for that day. When I saw it again at Regionals yesterday, in a smaller bottle and more modestly priced, I took the chance to give it a write-up.

To be honest, at the time that I was drinking this I was simultaneously trying to write my Yeastie Boys blog and brew an IPA, had just finished bottling my APA and was still dealing with my Torpedo hangover, so I was, very nearly, beered out. 

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this a lot. Like the day before’s Torpedo, the dominant flavours were grapefruit and resiny pine hops, but this one was sweeter, more caramelly, and with a creamier mouthfeel. The finish was bitter but not terribly dry, and it was as balanced as it was bold.

I don’t love this as much as the other American IPA I’ve been drinking a bit of recently (I bought a bottle of that at Regionals so I’ll blog that soon too – oh the suspense!), but that’s not to say it isn’t a fantastic beer. I wouldn’t drink more than one in a night (I couldn’t afford it anyway), but for a treat once in a while, or as just another bloody great beer in a 365 day tasting session, it’s magic.

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