#102 Sierra Nevada – Torpedo

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Name: Torpedo
Brewery: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (California, USA)
Style: American IPA
ABV: 7.2%
Source: Little Beer Quarter (Wellinton)

Apologies for the worse-than-usual photo. I was in a darkish bar and it was the best I could do.

The darkish bar was Little Beer Quarter in Wellinton, which I’d been hearing the beer geeks rave about for months but hadn’t actually been to before Friday.

Now I can see what they were on about. It has an awesome selection of beer both in bottles and on tap, a cheery, bustling atmosphere and a comfortable living-room vibe about it.

I had this Sierra Nevada Torpedo, which was a bloody stupid way to start the evening, but I didn’t realise it was 9.2% until I looked it up just now (though I did have an inkling once my hangover kicked in.)*

I didn’t make any notes as I was too busy shouting with my friend (it really was loud in there), but I remember it had a strong, pine resin and citrus hop flavour with a toffee malt backing. The finish was prickly and bitter, which made it quite refreshing despite it’s high ABV.

After that I went on to drink a Tuatara APA, two Epic Barrel-Aged IPAs (at a party, not LBQ), and a Little Creatures Pale Ale. I didn’t have any dinner, and needless to say I was on the blinder side of drunk at the end of it. This was obviously very stupid and I will never, ever do it again, but it wasn’t completely terrible at the time.

*UPDATE: It has been pointed out that Torpedo is in fact, only 7.2%. In which case, I blame Epic for the hangover.

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  1. I hate to nitpick (which is, of course, a great way to lead into nitpicking), but Torpedo isn’t an Imperial IPA. They call it “Extra IPA” because of the extra hops they have to use compared to their Pale Ale.

    Also, it’s only 7.2% (http://www.sierranevada.com/beers/torpedo.html) but given the rest of the evening’s line-up (and my jealousy, I’ve tried precisely none of those!) you’ll be forgiven this indiscretion.

    What it is, however, is a bloody good beer. One which I’m glad is fairly easy to find around these parts.

    • Yikes, I was hungover and trying to write too many blogs at once – but that’s no excuse! Will fix it up now. Ta.

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