#101 Tui – East India Pale Ale

Can of Tui BeerName: East India Pale Ale
Brewery: DB Breweries (Mangatainoka, New Zealand)
Style: IPA (?)
ABV: 4%
Source: Kapiti Island Lodge

Honest to God – I have never been so grateful for a beer in my life.

That may come as a surprise, as Tui is obviously not the most glamorous of beers to appear on the blog, but it saved me from what was very nearly my first Beer For a Year failure.

I was staying the night on Kapiti Island you see – a barely inhabited nature reserve that is chock with fat, tasty looking birds that you can’t eat because they’re endangered. I had been supposed to sail there in the afternoon (after buying a beer in Paraparaumu to take over) but the sea forecast had been rough and I’d had to go first thing before the bottle shops opened. Long story short – I was trapped on an island, I didn’t have any beer – and I was freaking out about it messing up the blog.

Then mercifully at about 6.00, just as I was starting to consider a swim to Coastlands, the chef at the lodge offered us a drink. I said “God yes! Beer please!” and he bought me a Tui (which is actually the perfect thing to drink on Kapiti Island, if you think about it.)

I didn’t take a photo because my phone was back at my cabin and besides, I didn’t feel like being all “don’t mind me, I’m just photographing my beer because I’m a beer blogger” in front of the other tourists, so I had to just steal this from the net.

The beer itself didn’t taste like a whole lot – it smelled of  sweet malt, and it tasted of sweet malt, with a bit of a cereal note and only the faintest dose of hop bitterness at the finish. An India Pale Ale? Yeah right.

BUT – whatever. I was so pleased to have it that I enjoyed every sip, and would have had an another had there been one on offer. I guess it just goes to show that there’s a time for every beer – and being stuck on an island with no other options is a pretty good time for a Tui.

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