#99 Renaissance – Marlborough Pale Ale

Renaissance Marlborough Pale Ale

Name: Marlborough Pale Ale
Brewery: Renaissance (Blenheim, New Zealand)
Style: Imperial I.P.A
ABV: 8.5%
Source: Beers, Wines & Spirits (K Rd, Auckland)

I’m just about to jump on a plane to Paraparaumu (I know, right? The life I lead!) and am blogging from the phone again so will be breif.

I picked this up last night at “Beers Wines & Spirits”, which I’m pretty sure is the best place to buy beer on K Rd.

It was, to put it succinctly, real yum. But because I probably have to say more than that, it smelled and tasted of candied grapefruit peel and bitter pine hops, with a big, syrupy malt backbone. It was full and tasty and devilishly clever at hiding its booze.

This beer deserves more, but it’s time to board! It looks like I’m getting on one of those miniature 12-seater jobs, so if post #100 doesn’t appear you’ll know what happened.

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  1. You’ve reminded me that I’ve not had one of these for a long long time… and only had a sip of this year’s model at the launch.

    Thanks. If nothing else, a short post reminds me of beers that I’ve left behind.

    ps. i LOVE that glass. It looks like a good choice or a big boozy pale ale.

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