#92 Beltane – Maiden

Beltane MaidenName: Maiden
Brewery: Beltane (Contract Brewed at Harrington’s)
Style: Wheat Beer
ABV: 5%
Source: Liquorland Oamaru

Still phone-blogging from Oamaru.

Came across this at Liquorland and thought it looked too weird to go past. There was another one too, different label, with a naked lady and a snake on her shoulders. Tempting, but picked this one because it said it was “just gorgeous’.

“What can you tell me about this beer?” I asked the shopkeeper.

“Nothing. Except once that’s gone, there won’t be anymore” he said.

“Sold.” I said.

A quick Google revealed it was made “by a woman” (Vicky Purple), “for women” (me).

I read the label which said it was a wheat beer (damn trickery! That should have been in larger print), and suggested I might mix it with fruit juice.

Decided I was going to hate it.

Poured beer into a crystal glass, because it’s Oamaru, and took a sniff. Smelled wheat-beery – a bit yeasty, a bit sour and lemony. It had probably been sitting on the shelf at Liquorland for a year, which I think gave it a bit of a wine-y smell too.

I sipped. It was light and fizzy and a bit sour, like cider, with a dry and refreshing finish. Not exactly my pint of beer, but on a hot day… Yeah. Yeah I could do it again. Definitely no fruit juice required.

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  1. We picked this one up also from Oamaru Liquorland today, too- we’ve seen it there several times (so they still haven’t sold all of it! or much of it, at all) and bought it partially to write about the whole “women’s beer” thing that mostly comes off really badly for a number of reasons. Poured the beer about ten minutes ago and hated it! Mostly the aftertaste- oh so foul! Tasted marginally better with fruit juice but would rather have the juice than have “Maiden” again.

    • Yes, I feel like I was a bit generous with my review of that one. Can’t believe it’s still there! (no wait, I can.)

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