#90 Three Boys – Wild Plum Ale (2010)

Three Boys WIld Plum AleName: Wild Plum Ale
Brewery: Three Boys (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Style: Fruit Beer
ABV: 7,7%
Source: Regional Wines

The more astute readers out there may have noticed that there are two things about this post which appear… well, a bit off.

The first thing – well done if you noticed – is that there is no beer in my glass. This is not some kind of emperors new clothes shit that I’m trying to pull, it’s just that I actually attempted to do my first video blog with this beer and so didn’t take a picture – except for one at the beginning in anticipation of the video sucking. It did suck, massively – partly because I got a phone call halfway through and partly because I ramble even more when I’m talking than when I write.

So here I am, writing as usual about a beer which – hang on a minute – I’ve already reviewed! Actually not quite. The last time I had this beer it was the 2011 version on tap, and this one is the 2010 batch in a (beautifully wrapped) bottle. Different enough for me I say, and I make the rules of the blog.

The reason I’m having it again is not because I’m running out of beers (not even close), it’s just that last time it was in a big pint glass and a bit warm and weird and probably not as good as it could have been. Kieran at Regionals said I really should try the 2010 one, and kindly sold me a bottle that he had in the cellar.

Like last time, the beer poured a warm golden colour with a hint of rose, and a small fluffy head that diminished quickly. Unlike last time, it smelled amazingly good. The last one had smelled beery with a hint of plum/fake cherry, this time it was intensely plummy – quite a bit like tinned plums actually in that it was a sweet, concentrated, and slightly aged somehow. Beautiful!

In the mouth the difference was even greater. It was so much fuller this time, creamy and sweet with just a little tartness at the finish, where last time it had been quite sour. The flavours were more complex, and it had a real liqueur vibe to it – quite a lot like Japanese plum wine.

I was quite amazed at how different my two Wild Plum Ale experiences were, and I guess it just goes to show that fresh is not always best. I’m going to look out for some more to cellar (though I bet they won’t last long)
and others to give away as Christmas presents. I won’t even have to gift wrap them!

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  1. I had myself a bottled 2011 version (pretty sure it was 2011) about a week ago – stuff has aged awesomely! Gone very Belgian-like – I highly recommend the stuff.

  2. I loved both years… one of the standout beers in New Zealand for me over the last couple of years. Very unique and deliciously drinkable. I’ve sent the odd beer-friendly tourist away with a bottle.

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