#83 8 Wired – ReWired

8 Wired ReWiredName: ReWired
Brewery: 8 Wired (Blenheim, New Zealand)
Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 5.7%
Source: Victoria Park new World

I thought I’d mix things up a bit on Sunday and actually eat my beer instead of drinking it – but I did save a splash just so that I could be 100% sure it tasted OK.

It did. It tasted really OK in fact. The last time I had this I’d been drinking Armageddons and Hopwireds beforehand, and unsurprisingly this seemed a bit dull afterwards. On a fresh palate though it was totally different – malty and spicy with sweet chocolate/caramel notes as well as some bitter, citrussy hops.

I was slightly reluctant after I’d drunk half a glass, but I did manage to pour the rest in the pan to make a chicken in Brown Ale stew. It was inspired by this recipe from The Good Stuff blog, and it uses smoked garlic which I just happened to have bought at the Taste festival. Good god that stuff is good! I’m a massive garlic fiend and I love smoky flavours (especially in beer) so I’m planning to make some more using mum’s homegrown garlic and her fish smoker.

Stupidly I forgot to get a picture of the stew, but it came out really well – I swear. Even after a couple of hours simmering with tomatoes and the garlic and herbs and what-not, it still had a really distinctive Brown Ale flavour, sweet and rich and beery. Karrggghhhhh.*

The only slight dissapointment was that the garlic (I used a whole bulb) didn’t lend as much of a smoky flavour as I was hoping. Perhaps I should  make this again with a Rauchbier?

*Homer Simpson drool.

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  1. Brilliant blog, and a fantastic journey you’re on, such discipline! We tried to figure out how many we’d tried since starting up the Hopful Thinkers and we honestly could not reach any consensus, but we figured at least 200… but more than half of those we couldn’t remember if we tried…

    Anyway – I must agree that the ReWired .. is absolutely brilliant. Every 8 wired beer we’ve tried actually, is outstanding, so if you haven’t already, try the others (I particularly recommend the Sultan which drinks more like port than beer.. mind blowing stuff)

    As far as making your dish smokier … have you considered liquid smoke? There’s an NZ one you can get now from the Manuka Smoked Eggs people… (the smoked eggs are delicious too) it’s actually just condensed Manuka smoke, so it’s totally natural and tastes amazing…

  2. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for the encouragement – luckily drinking beer is an easy thing to be disciplined about 🙂
    I do need to get some liquid smoke (though cooking with Rauchbier would be fun too) so I’ll keep an eye out for the Manuka one. And yep, I have tried the other 8 Wired beers and they’re all great – must have the Sultan again so I can do a write-up…
    Nice article in the paper by the way – reminded me I need to have another beer tasting at my house soon!

  3. I wouldnt go liquid smoke. I find they are always harsh and abit acrid.

    Smoked pepper corns are the business.

  4. Really glad you enjoyed it ! That recipe in particular has been really, really popular. I love one – pot cooking like that. Re: The smokiness – yes, it is subtle, but if you try making it with normal garlic, you’ll see the difference. I would totally recommend trying it with Rauch, and against the use of Liquid Smoke. It’s great for other cooking but not this kind of stewing. Thanks!

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