#80 Bridge Road – Robust Porter

Bridge Road Beechwood Robust Porter

Name: Beechworth Robust Porter
Brewery: Bridge Road (Beechworth, VIC, Australia)
Style: Porter
ABV: 5.2%
Source: McCoppins (Fitzroy, Melbourne)

Every day for the last two months I have been opening my pantry door, casting my eye over the Robust Porter’s shiny bronze label and angry rock font, then rejecting it in favour of something more attractive.

Shallow, who me?

Anyway, today was the day for the RB bottle to leave it’s dusty, potato-scented home (I have one cupboard for beer and root vegetables) and join the illustrious ranks of my recycling bin. The reason is that at the Pacific Beer Expo in the weekend everyone was banging on about a fantastic beer called Biere De Garde, which I never got to try, but that I heard was by the same Australian brewery as this one – Bridge Road.

As you can see from the picture the beer had a very robust head. This was quite impressive seeing as it had looked so opaque and thick when I was pouring it, and I started to think that it might actually be a lot nicer than it’s label implied.

It smelled dark and roasty – like chocolate sauce, coffee beans, a little licorice perhaps and maybe even a hint of smoke. Not overly complex or intriguing but nice enough in a classic porter-y kinda way.

In the mouth I got sweetness first, then a blank and then a bitter, roasty malt finish. What I mean by blank is, it was almost as if the middle section of my tongue was coated in wax and couldn’t pick up any flavours. The beer was like a doughnut – OK around the edges but somehow missing it’s middle. I’m not sure if that makes any sense to anyone else, or what the proper term is for describing that hollowness (‘thin’ perhaps?), but lets just say it left me a bit unsatisfied.

P.S Quite frankly I could not be effed writing a post tonight (it happens once in a while!) so I may have come off a little harsh. I  am looking forward to trying other Bridge Road beers – especially the ones with pretty labels.

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  1. Perhaps the beer was alittle old?

    I really don’t rate the Bridge Road Biere De Garde. Estery and muddled if you ask me.

  2. Check out the label on the bottle at the bottom of this blog post


    Best. Label. EVER!

    Great beer too.
    I can’t’ remember much of the standard beers, besides the chestnut Pilsner which is a lovely golden lager with a subtle twist. I quite like the Saison but I’m with Kieran on the Biere de Garde. Australians have an odd idea of what that beer style is.

    ps. That blog belongs to @jayelde…Top man with an awesome wife. Great taste in music and beer. I don’t read it as much as I should. But he’s just started writing for http://www.brewsnews.com.au/ so I’m suer we’ll see a lot more of his stuff around.

    • Yeah, much cooler label and sounds like a more interesting beer. Do you know of any Bridge Road stockists in NZ?

  3. Hashigo Zake 🙂

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