#78 Epic – Barrel Aged I.P.A

Epic Barrel-Aged I.P.AName: Barrel-Aged I.P.A
Brewery: Epic Brewing Co. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Style: IPA
ABV: 7.25%
Source: Epic Brewing Co.

I’m trying to write this post while I drink but I keep sipping and sipping and at this rate I’ll be too drunk to write anything but gibberish soon…

Both hands on the keyboard Alice!

The photo is a bit crap/backwards because I had to take it from my computer (phone is dead, charger lost – again) but I can assure you that beer is definitely not crap. Not even a bit.

I’ve always been a fan of buttery, oaky chardonnays, so it’s not much of a surprise that I should love oak barrel-aged beers just the same. The aroma of this beer appeals to me on the same level – it has that rich, toasty oak smell, along with sweet honey, peach, vanilla and grapefruit notes.

Oh god – I’ve nearly finished the whole bottle now so typing becoming more difficult. Must power on!

In the mouth the oak is even more prominent and there’s a really nice sweet/bitter balance which carries the flavours beautifully. It’s medium-bodied, and the finish is bitter and dry.

I’m feeling more than a bit tipsy now so maybe it’s the beer goggles… But I think this might actually be my favourite Epic beer yet. That’s a big call, and I’d probably have to line up all the others alongside it to be sure… But it’s definitely right up there with the Hop Zombie, Mayhem, Stout, Portamarillo… Oh God don’t make me choose.

I should also mention that while I’ve been drinking this beer/writing this post, I’ve eaten half a wheel of Kapiti Ramara washed-rind cheese which is very delicious and an excellent match for the I.P.A.

Now I’m going for a jog to compensate for this extravagant afternoon tea… By which I mean a walk to the bottle store to buy another bottle of this beer.

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  1. ahh, washed rind, nice

  2. Armageddon has always been my fav so can’t wait to try this,

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