#77 Coopers – Original Pale Ale

Coopers Original Pale Ale Name: Original Pale Ale
Brewery: Coopers (Regency park, SA, Australia)
Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 4.5%
Source: Bottle shop on Richmond Rd

It was marvelous late-spring day in Auckland yesterday – not hot enough to actually swim in the sea, but hot enough for me to go the beach and at least think about dipping my toes in.

But before heading beachward I spent 10 or so minutes staring into my pantry trying to pick a beer to take with me. There was Barley Wine, Imperial Stout, Barrel-Aged IPA, and all manner of sticky, sweet, and strong beers that would have looked quite ridiculous in a plastic cup against a backdrop of sand.

I gave up on my pantry, and stopped at my local liquor store to buy a Coopers Pale Ale. I was feeling quite poor even poorer than usual after my excessive weekend in Wellington, and so a large bottle of perfectly acceptable beer for $5.50 was just the ticket.

Cracking it open at Takapuna Beach (is it illegal to drink there? If so it wasn’t really Takapuna but my own backyard which is er… full of sand), it poured a golden colour, slightly hazy from the sediment. I know I was supposed to roll it first, but it would have got all sandy and probably rolled away into some child’s sandcastle.

The smell was a bit like a wheat beer I thought – quite yeasty with some spice, grassy hops and a little caramel malt. On the palate I got some subtle  citrus flavours and a light bitterness from the hops, along with some hay, bread, and malt. It was light-medium bodied and quite spritzy.

OK – so this beer isn’t going to knock anyone’s socks off with it’s outrageous hoppiness or unique flavour profile, but it’s refreshing and pleasant and best of all – cheap! I can also attest that it goes wonderfully with greasy Chinese food from Domion Road – so long as you don’t mind drinking it out of a green tea cup. (I don’t.)

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  1. It’s a very nice middle of the road beer! Very lucky to have grown up, and still be living, in Adelaide, even the worst pub usually has this on tap!

  2. I love this beer and its bigger (more robust) brother – Sparkling Ale. So unique for a couple of new world ales to be all about the yeast…

    I distinctly remember drinking a Sparkling, on tap at The Malthouse, at the end of Beervana week 2010. It was the best beer I’d had all week… so different after all the hoppy pale ales, imperial stouts and barrel-aged big things that I’d been drinking all week. Sometimes less is more.

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