#75 Liberty Brewing – C!tra

Name: C!tra
Brewery: Liberty Brewing (Taranaki, New Zealand)
ABV: 9%
Style: Imperial IPA
Source: Hashigo Zake Pacific Beer Expo (Wellington)

It’s Monday afternoon and I just got back from an intensive three days of drinking beer, making beer, talking about beer and drinking more beer still. As a result my brain is more than a little addled and I am an entire three posts behind on the blog. I’m not sorry though – not one bit. It was brilliant!

The majority of the drinking/talking about beer took place on Saturday, at the inaugural Pacific Beer Expo put on by Hashigo Zake in Wellington.

This is the kind of event that a beer geek like me (yes that’s right, I called myself a beer geek – I decided I’ve officially earned it) dreams of. The Boatshed, right on the waters edge and miraculously bathed in sunshine, was a location fit for a wedding (and in fact I have been to a wedding there, but this was way more fun), and disproved my theory that beer events should be held in unpleasant locations to stop them from feeling like Toast Martinborough.

More importantly, the beer selection was fantastic. Not the biggest in the world – probably a few very enthusiastic attendees got through all of them – but really well thought out, and featuring an eclectic mix of international offerings alongside quirky Kiwi nano-brews.

What really made it fun though (and I know this sounds a little mushy) were all the lovely beery people there. It was great to catch up with old friends, meet brewers and other beer bloggers, and to be able to talk beer for five hours straight without worrying that someone was going to push me over the balcony out of sheer boredom. Like I said – It. Was. Brilliant.

I’m six paragraphs in so I should probably talk about the Liberty C!tra.  I tried loads of great beers (including some pretty left-field stuff) but this was one that  really stood out for me. I didn’t take any notes so can’t give a good description, but I remember it was really fruity, bright, punchy and clean. It just seemed to stand out somehow – like that person in the room you’ve got a crush on. It seems others had feelings for C!tra too, because it won some sort of people’s choice award thingee on both days. Brewer Joseph Wood must be proud as punch!*

I also really enjoyed Garage Project’s Ring of Fire Pale Ale, Parrotdog’s Bloodhound, and a bunch of others that I can’t quite recall. Unfortunately I only got through about 12 beers in total, which is probably because I spent way too much time yakking.

Speaking of which, I have two more blog posts to write so better shut up. Thanks to Hashigo Zake & friends for a damn fine day!

*Where the hell did this saying come from? And what made that punch so proud?

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  1. Given the description of the beer (and its name), it sounds like it’s flavoured or at least dry-hopped with Citra hops. Unfortunately, they are one strain that have been heavily affected by TGAHS.

    There’s a lot of breweries, and home brewers, here in the Pacific NW who are having difficulties like Epic and Tuatara sourcing the hops they need. It’s sad and makes me want to move to Oregon and start a hop farm.

    • Yes, definitely flavoured with Citra and some kiwi hops as well I believe. You should do it!!

      • If it was that easy, I’d at least be living in Portland already!

  2. “Three posts behind”. God *damn* I feel slack right now.

    But: I totally agree, on all counts. It was a marvellous festival, C!tra was a stunning beer, and I (also) had a brilliant round of beer-geek meet-ups (yourself included).

    • So get writing, slacker! 😉

  3. […] to say, he makes great beer (remember C!tra?), and I was super excited to see what he and Ian had come up […]

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