8 Wired iStout Float

iFloat“Woah, woah, woah – what the hell does she think she’s playing at?”

I can hear the collective cries of disgust now (she said wistfully, as if people really cared that much) about the multiple things wrong with this blog post, such as:

1. I’ve already written about iStout.
2. there’s no number in the title, and
3. there’s fucking icecream in that beer!

Just chill out, OK? This is not beer #71, it’s just a little bonus post because I really am that much of a freak that writing 300ish words about beer per day is sometimes not enough.

I got this idea from Phil Cook’s blog (which is truly excellent, especially when he gets ‘brandwank’ rants), and thought it looked like the most devilishly decadent dessert idea ever. I actually hadn’t planned to drink it last night – I went to the supermarket to buy ingredients for a chocolate cake – but when I got there I remembered I hate baking and I’m terrible at it so bought icecream and a stout instead.

When I got home I proceeded to:

1. Put two small scoops of Top Top French Vanilla icecream in a glass.

2. Pour iStout into glass untill foam threatened to spill over.

The result? Something like an Irish coffee with cream, on speed. The iStout is a really incredible beer (you can read my review here) – really roasty and bitter, and so even with all that icecream it wasn’t that sweet. It was just creamier, and colder, and more fun to eat with a spoon.

The first half was great – delicious and wonderfully novel, but after a while the strong, rich flavour of the stout combined with the creamy icecream became too much to handle.  I actually found myself tipping  good beer down the sink for the first time in my life, which is a crime I never want to repeat.

Would I do it again? Hell yes I would, but maybe with something a little less heavy… Like a Renaissance Craftsman perhaps. Then again, that’s another beer I really don’t want to pour down the sink…

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  1. I like that omen for the weekend !! The All Black overcame the French vanilla and tipped them down the sink !!. Merci madame 🙂

    Enjoying your posts

  2. I’ve not tried it yet myself but imagine it would be best in a small glass (or coffee cup) much like an affogato… To be honest I’m still not sold on iStout or Batch 18 (I might be the only person in the country). I find them both a bit sweet and gritty. To me they are they only two beers of 8 Wired that have never had me wishing I had another (or three). If they were in nip bottles I might change my mind… 500ml is a struggle.

    Anyhow… following on from your “what’s that in my beer” idea, I recommend these two dark cocktails:

    Alegato: A double shot of espresso topped with one of NZ’s many fabulous Stouts or Porters.

    Black Velvet: Your favourite strong black beer with your favourite champagne (or meth trad) poured over a cocktail spoon to sit on top.

    The latter has been one of my favourite “beers” of the year, with my favourite combination being 200ml Liberty Brewing’s “Never Go Back” topped with 100ml Piper-Heidsieck NV.

    • Those both sound great! Plus I’d love to watch a waiter’s face as I poured beer into my champagne at a restaurant…

      I had the exact same thought that this would work better as an affogato, especially with a stout as syrupy as that one.

      • Pour the champagne onto the beer… it’ll sit on top if you use a cocktail spoon (or just a bent standard one).

  3. I had an iStout float with cookies and cream ice cream. I found it promoted an alcohol flavour to it. I made sure I had a glass with and without the ice cream and tried them both at the same time.

  4. You did it! You are my hero Alice.

  5. Best iStout float I had would have to be vanilla with peanut butter sauce. Helped keep the roasted bitterness out the way, making the whole thing much more dessert-like. Om-nom-bloody-nom!

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