#71 Emerson’s – JP 2011

Emerson's JP 2011Name: JP (2011)
Brewery: Emerson’s (Dunedin, New Zealand)
Style: Tripel
ABV: 9%
Source: Regional Wines (Wellington)

I can hardly believe that after writing my first ever post on Emerson’s Bookbinder, and declaring it to be the beer I would like to marry, it’s taken me 70 beers to get to the next Emerson’s brew. Pretty good sign that I’m not gonna run out before I get to 365, eh?

Emerson’s is one of my favourite breweries. Partly because the beers are consistently great, partly because it makes me nostalgic for my Dunedin youth (which ended a whopping four years ago). To be honest, financial circumstances meant a fair whack of my student loan went towards Chasseur cask wine during that time, but I did work at a Restaurant that sold Emerson’s (The Reef), so I was lucky enough to score a few bottles when the boss was feeling generous.

Every year Emerson’s release a ‘JP’ – named after the late Professor Jean-Pierre (JP) Dufour. He was the Dean of Food Sciences at the University and apparently a bit of an icon in the brewing world, as well as an all-round top bloke.

Every year the JP is different, but the 2011 version is a Tripel – which is a strong, Belgian-style ale first popularized by the Trappist monastery at Westmalle.

It poured a deep copper colour – though probably a bit lighter than it looks in my photo – with a big creamy head. It smelled really Belgian (of course) – some banana and warm spices, caramel and a hint of yeasty dough.

On the tongue I got a hit of caramelly malt up front along with a warm hit of booze. Toward the finish it sharpened up slightly and finished with a dry, mellow bitterness, with those lovely Belgian flavours lasting for the whole ride.

It was lighter in the mouth and more carbonated than I was expecting, but I think that suited it well. It was easy to drink – probably too easy given the whopping 9% ABV – so it’s lucky I’d had my dinner first for once.

I’m feeling so warm and fuzzy about Emerson’s right now that I’ve just but a rigger of Brownville in the fridge. Stay tuned for more gushing (from me, not the beer – although it did travel up from Wellington) tomorrow!

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