#68 Sierra Nevada – Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Name: Pale Ale
Brewery: Sierra Nevada (Chico, California, USA)
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.6%
Source:  Galbraith’s Alehouse

It’s been a very sloppy weekend of belated blog posts and missing photos (my phone ran out of battery so I couldn’t take one of this beer), but rest assured I DID keep up with the drinking requirements – exceeded them beautifully, in fact.

Saturday’s beer (one of them) had been on my mind all day.

In the morning I visited my first ever brew shop (the wonderful Brewers Coop in Penrose, Auckland) to shop for ingredients for my first ever homebrew – which will (hopefully) be a slightly hoppier clone of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

It may be a bit ambitious trying to clone such an excellent beer for my first ever attempt, but I figured that if I just have enough Cascade hops (delicious fruity/grapefruit hops that are used in SNPA) in my brew, then surely I can’t go too wrong. Right?

I caught the train back from Penrose with the delicious smell of hops was wafting from my bag (and for the dodgy looks I was getting I’m pretty sure people thought it  was something else), which bought on a uncontrollable urge to drink an SNPA. And later that evening at Galbraith’s (which has become my favourite place to watch Rugby), I did.

It poured a bright, clear gold with a finger of white head, and smelled of those lovely Cascade hops – citrusy (especially grapefruit) and flowers. On the palate there was a hint of caramel sweetness, a hint of hoppy bitterness – but it was altogether really clean, bright, and well balanced. It’s so quaffable (especially after the IPA I’d had before it) and if it were a bit cheaper then I’d happily drink it all night.

Luckily I’m going to have 20L of my own exact replica to get through soon – which will work out at around $4.50 per litre once I factor in the ingredients. Why oh why didn’t I think of doing this sooner!?!

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  1. Welcome to the world of brewing! It is a fantastic way to have a bunch of craft brewed beer on hand!. I started fairly recently and have blogged some of the stuff I have been finding out over here http://inzanebrew.wordpress.com/

    Good luck with the brew! I am interested to hear how it goes for you. If you want some help or suggestions on the recipe you plan to use you could post it up in the Recipe Advice Thread over here http://www.forum.realbeer.co.nz/forum/topics/recipe-advice-thread?id=1500433%3ATopic%3A35844&page=213#comments
    or ask questions in the Newbies thread here http://www.forum.realbeer.co.nz/forum/topics/newbies-1

    If you did want to include some home brewed beer from around NZ in your beer for a year reviews I would be quite happy to send a few of my efforts along for you to try/review.

    • Hey Zane, thanks! I’m really excited about brew day (this Sunday).
      I would LOVE to try some of your beer – in fact I was going to write a post soon appealing to homebrewers to send me samples…. Maybe I should even try to do a whole week of homebrews soon – including my own? 🙂

      • Good luck, it is a lot of fun. Like many things, beer tastes better (well more satisfying, at least) when it is made by your own hands.

        A good time and place to meet homebrewers would be to come out to Hallertau for the quarterly meet of the Western Brewer’s Conference. Next meeting is 19 November, there is a thread in the groups forum at realbeer.co.nz. Everyone brews a beer to a style (NZ pale ale this time) and puts down $10 per entry, winner takes all. Loads of fun, plus an excellent ‘excuse’ to visit Hallertau….

  2. Sierra Nevada is a great drop. I currently have a case of it in my cupboard thanks to a recent trip to the US ($16/dozen, yes please!). If you can, you should really try their Torpedo IPA.

    I recently started brewing and am just about ready to sample my second batch. I made a couple of massive errors on the first batch, so hopefully this one will be a lot better. If you’re in need of any advice http://www.hottobrew.com is the best resource I’ve seen online and the book is even more comprehensive. Good luck with brew day, I hope you’re ready for your house to smell AMAZING!

  3. SNPA is my favourite beer in the world. I’ve also just brought a home brew kit home with me from the US and will be putting down a batch soon. I’m going to be using a recipe from the book 200 clone brews http://www.amazon.com/CloneBrews-2nd-Recipes-Brand-Name-Beers/dp/160342539X

    Never tried it before so hopefully it goes well.
    Will be my first ‘from scratch’ attempt.

    Good luck with yours

    • Yeah I’m using that book as well! Lots of great recipes in there. Good luck with yours too 🙂

  4. Yep – my gateway brew and still the ‘taste of US craft’ if you ask me! Good luck, dude

  5. […] recipe was a clone for Sierra Nevada Pale (which I wrote about here), and used Cascade, Perle and Nugget hops, and a mix of crystal malt and dried malt extract. I got […]

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