#64 Epic – Mayhem

Epic MayhemName: Mayhem
Brewery: Epic Brewing Co.(Auckland, New Zealand
Style: American Strong Ale
ABV: 6.2%
Source: Epic Brewing Co.

Hey look! Remember these?

Maybe it’s just me, but I had more or less forgotten about the Epic Mayhem until I was given this one to try. I’m not entirely sure why… it’s just never really jumped off the shelf and said buy me.  

I think it’s because Epic’s other beers have more obvious identities – a pale ale, a lager, a hop bomb or a stout. But Mayhem to me was just always the ‘other’ one. The one with the orange label. The one that I’d never tried…

Until now. (dun dunnnnnnn)

You can see it pours a lovely deep reddish orange, crystal clear and with a decent off-white head.

The smell is fantastic, a bit like an APA I reckon… There’s orange peel, peaches, and pine and as well as a rich honey-like maltiness. It’s got real character and depth, and I love how it’s completely different from the fruity hop smell that I associate with other Epic beers.

It tastes similar, but the flavours aren’t as obvious on the palate. There’s citrus and caramelly malt, but it’s dominated by an intense hop bitterness  that lasts until well after I’ve swallowed. It’s clean and refreshing and pretty damn easy to quaff.

Overall I think it’s interesting and enjoyable – definetely undeserving of my years of neglect – although I think I would have liked it even more had there been a bit more malt to cushion the hops and bring out the flavours. I’m turning into quite the little fuss-pot, aren’t I?

In other beery news, it’s less than two weeks until the Hashigo Zake Pacific Beer Expo in Wellington! I managed to miraculously nab some cheap flights and will be at the Saturday session, probably getting over-excited and drunk on loads of great beers that I can’t remember and won’t be able to write about. Should be heaps of fun. Come!

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  1. It’s the best I believe

    • Yeah, I think I may have given the impression with this post that I didn’t like it that much – but actually it’s my new favourite after Hop Zombie…

  2. Mayhem is by far my favourite of the Epic range. Pity that it’s gone the same way as Hop Zombie and not being brewed again until 2013 😥

  3. It’s my favourite Epic beer, too. Although, the Epic / TB Stout (non barrel-aged) comes a close second as it aged like a gem and was fantastic at about one year old!

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