#56 Epic Thornbridge Oak Barrel Aged Stout

Epic Thornbridge Oak Barrel Aged Stout Name: err, Thornbridge Oak Barrel Aged Stout?
Brewery: Epic Brewing Co. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Style: Stout
ABV: 6.8%
Source: Epic Brewing Co.

It feels like ages since I’ve had a stout (at least a week I think), so when it started raining like a mo-fo last night I jumped at the chance to get all dark and wintery with my beer again.

The Epic Thornbridge Stout (and this oak barrel aged version)  is a collaboration between Luke from Epic and Kelly Ryan, who at the time was at Thornbridge in the UK but now works for Epic too! I figure that means if Kelly and Luke were Brad and Angelina, this beer would be that movie Mr and Mrs Smith. Y’know? Because it bought them together.


I’m going to talk about the beer now.

The smell took me by surprise – definitely not your average chocolate/coffee stout aroma. Imagine sitting in a leather armchair in a room full of oak  furniture and old books, sipping on a vintage port and eating some black forest gateau. Then throw some vanilla and green apple lollies into the mix and you have… A very confusing and probably quite inaccurate description of a really great smell.

Those flavours come through in the taste, along with a burst of hoppy bitterness, roasty malt and coffee. It’s not too sweet, the mouthfeel is smooth, and the finish is dry.

I reckon this is an excellent stout – it has big, interesting  flavours but isn’t too heavy. I thought the oak was really prominent  and it seemed to tie all the flavours together really nicely, so I’d be interested to see how the original compares.

Cheers to Epic for the tasty beer, and apologies for comparing it to what is presumably a terrible movie. I haven’t even seen it. Honest.

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  1. Luke = Brad and Kelly = Angelina?? or vice versa? That’s quite a scary concept.

  2. Luke = Angelina, Kelly = Brad… Thornbridge = Jen?

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