#48 Tuatara – XI

Tuatara XIName: XI
Brewery: Tuatara
Style: Black Barley Wine
ABV: 10.5%
Source: Regional Wines

Oh dear! I just got some sad pet-related news from my mum so I don’t much feel like writing a post, but I do feel like drinking a large strong beer. That’s why I have this bottle of… *squints to read label*… Tuatara XI in front of me.

According to the label this is “technically a licorice black barley wine”, which must mean it’s brewed with licorice. It’s probably on the label, but have you ever tried to read black on black text? Kinda makes me feel ill. As for the barley wine bit – I was initially put off that style because I thought it sounded like a weird hippie drink, but it turns out it just means it’s really strong.

I’ve just poured it, and it’s ominously thick and dark, with a foamy tan head.

It smells – God, my nose is really blocked so it’s hard to tell – dark, chocolatey, sweet and rich. Like licorice, I think, and roasty malt.

I’ve just had about half of it and damn, it’s good. It tastes the same as it smells – like a wicked licoricey dessert, and the big whack of booze has left me feeling warm and slightly dazed. The mouthfeel is velvety smooth and full, with enough carbonation to stop it from being too syrupy. All in all – it’s exactly what I needed.

Once again, this is a limited release beer so there won’t be too much around. If you see one on the shelves, I say buy it! Especially if you need a bit of cheering up.

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  1. Had one of these in my fridge for a year, brought it to a festival and made the mistake of sharing between Three of us 😦 , bit peeved when i found i couldn’t get any more… I love these Barley Wine creations with a vengeance!!

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